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How to Transfer Local Repository to GitHub Organization?

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GitHub supports open source projects and communities and the organization helps communities to grow how to create GitHub organizations you can visit the article here to get more ideas about GitHub organizations. The open source developers developed projects on the local GitHub repository and we need to transfer the local repository to the GitHub organization. The open source projects contain licenses and various instructed data for contributors and creating all the well-documented documents is not easy and it takes time and efforts. The process of transferring repositories is easy but needs to be careful because there are possibilities to lose data. There are two different ways to transfer ownership of a repository from local to GitHub organization and personal to personal GitHub account.

How to Transfer Local repository to Github Organization?


  1. GitHub Basics
  2. Created Organization on GitHub 

Right now we have an organization as a developer’s source and a personal account on GitHub.

Step by Step Implementation

Step 1: Navigate to the main page of the GitHub repository.


Step 2: Under the repository click on settings.


Step 3: Scroll down and find the danger zone.


Step 4: Click on the transfer button.


Step 5: The window will open read the instructions carefully and type the name of the organization or user to transfer repository ownership.


Step 6: Read the details of the destructive action or data while transferring ownership of the repository.


Step 7: Type the name of the user or organization.


Step 8: Click on the “I understand, transfer the repository”.


Step 9: The authentication window will appear to confirm your GitHub identify.


Step 10: The ownership of the repository is transferred successfully. 


Now the owner of the repository is transferred to the organization successfully. You can also transfer the ownership of the repository to the user by entering the username.


So far we discussed the GitHub organization and the process of transferring the local repository to the GitHub organization. There are two different ways to transfer ownership of the GitHub repository user ownership and organization ownership. The GitHub will automatically transfer ownership of the repository by username. 

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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2022
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