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How to insert a jQuery object after all paragraphs using jQuery ?

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The task is to insert a jQuery object after all the paragraphs using jQuery.


  • Create DOM element or jQuery object using <span> tag.
  • Create a paragraph using <p> tag.
  • Create a button using button tag after clicking on which the object will be inserted after paragraph.
  • Write a script that will call a function jQuery.after()  which is used to insert a jQuery object after all the paragraphs.

Example: Below is the working code using the above-mentioned steps.


  <script src=
  <h1 style="color:green"
     Dom element / jQuery object
     This is paragraph
  <button id="GFG_button1" style="display: block;
     margin-top: 15px;">
     Click here to insert object after paragraph
      $('#GFG_button1').click(function () {


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Last Updated : 22 May, 2021
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