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How to Change the Visibility of the GitHub Repository?

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Github is an open-source version control software that allows users to access the resources available on this platform. Github repository allows users to store their projects in any visibility i.e. public or private. Public visibility allows everyone to access the data but this is not the case with private visibility the information is visible to the creator only.

Remember: Do refer to the Introduction to Github article for a better understanding as newbie will find some new keywords to play with, so it is strongly recommended to have adequate knowledge of overview of git and GitHub, now proceeding further to our ecentric concept.

Now as we go to or GitHub Desktop there navigate to the main page of repositories. Now under repository name click ‘Settings’ wherein under ‘DangerZone’ present there to the right of Change repository visibility”. Here click Change visibility and select ‘Visibility’. Let us discuss both the scenarios that can occur assisted below as follows:  

User cases: There exist two use cases where we can change the visibility of the Github Repository

  1. At the time of the creation of the repository
  2. After the creation of the repository

Case 1: At the time of the creation of the repository

In order to change the visibility of the repository at the time of creation, follow the steps depicted below with visual aids as follows:

1.1 In the repository section, select new to create a new repository. 

1.2 After filling in the details choose the visibility.

1.3 Click on the create repository option.

Case 2: After the creation of the repository

2.1 Choose the repository, select the settings option from the header.

2.2 Scroll to the end of the page up to Danger Zone, in this danger zone, select the change visibility option 

2.3 Choose the visibility you want.

With the usage of these two approaches we can change the visibility of the repository.

Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2021
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