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GATE | Gate IT 2008 | Question 70

  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2018

A Binary Search Tree (BST) stores values in the range 37 to 573. Consider the following sequence of keys.

I. 81, 537, 102, 439, 285, 376, 305

II. 52, 97, 121, 195, 242, 381, 472

III. 142, 248, 520, 386, 345, 270, 307

IV. 550, 149, 507, 395, 463, 402, 270

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
(A) I, II and IV are inorder sequences of three different BSTs
(B) I is a preorder sequence of some BST with 439 as the root
(C) II is an inorder sequence of some BST where 121 is the root and 52 is a leaf
(D) IV is a postorder sequence of some BST with 149 as the root

Answer: (C)

Explanation: A: I and IV are not in ascending order
B: If 439 is root, It should be 1st element in preorder
D: If 149 is root, It should be last element in postorder

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