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GATE | GATE CS 1999 | Question 44

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Arrange the following configurations for CPU in decreasing order of operating speeds; Hardwired Control, vertical microprogramming, horizontal microprogramming


Hardwired control, Vertical microprogramming, Horizontal microprogramming.


Hardwired control, Horizontal microprogramming, Vertical microprogramming.


Horizontal microprogramming, Vertical microprogramming, Hardwired control.


Vertical microprogramming, Horizontal microprogramming, Hardwired control.

Answer: (B)


Hard wired control involves only hardware, whereas microprogramming is software approach. So, hardwire control should be faster than both microprogramming approaches.

Between vertical and horizontal microprogramming. Horizontal is faster because in this control signals are not encoded whereas in vertical microprogramming to save memory signals are encoded. So, it takes less time in horizontal microprogramming because decoding of signals is not required. Therefore, final order is :

hard wired control > horizontal microprogramming > vertical microprogramming

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Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2018
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