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CESC Interview Experience for Internship | (On-Campus) 2023 Unmesh Program

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CESC visited our campus to hire pre-final year students(2023 Batch) for internships under the Unmesh program. The Electrical, mechanical, and power department was allowed to seat. There was an initial shortlist before the actual exam. Out of around 150 applications, only 50 people were shortlisted for aptitude and psychometric rounds. There were mainly two rounds, the first was a Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (on HireMee). followed by 1 round of interviews. There was no negative marking. The total examination, as well as the interview, were held in the offline mode.

Round 1(Aptitude and psychometric round and group discussion): This round was held mainly in 3 parts.

  • Group Discussion: Here we were divided into a group of 5 and were given a situation to solve. In our case, there was a plane crash and we needed to find out who was the most efficient leader in the plane crash.
  • Psychometric Test: Here we needed to solve some psychological trick questions like how many “the” is there in a sentence and find the similar symbols after seeing the screen for about 10 seconds.
  • Aptitude and Technical Test: This was the final test in round 1 and this test was again divided into 3 parts. Mainly aptitude which consisted of 24 questions, 6 trick questions, and  70 technical questions. The test can either be given in the mechanical or electrical domain. In the technical questions around 80 percent of questions were all analytical about motors, generators, transformers, power electronics, and basic electrical engineering. The other 20 percent was numerically based. If one practices MCQs from online websites like Indiabix and preinstalls the questions can be solved easily.

After this round of 50 people. 10 pupils from Electrical, 3 pupils from Power(electrical domain), and 7 students from Mechanical got selected from the final Interview round.

Round 2(Technical and HR interview): The questions in this round can be asked from anywhere I am giving a general overview of the questions asked in the electrical domain.

  • How does a tube light work? What are a choke and a starter?
  • What is skin-effect?
  • What is corona? What is the physics behind this effect?
  • What is the hunting and humming of a motor?
  • Draw a two-way switch.
  • How can you tell the voltage of the overhead transmission line just by seeing the overhead transmission towers?
  • What is magnetostriction? What is the physics behind this effect?
  • Some questions were asked about the boiler.
  • How does an inverter work?
  • Difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor?
  • What kind of motor is used in pump and ceiling fans?
  • What is hysteresis loss?
  • What is eddy current?
  • What are cogging and crawling?
  • How to reduce reactive power compensation? 
  • What are the 3 power triangles?
  • What are form and power factors? 
  • Some hr questions were also asked like Why do you want to work in this company? Why CESC? Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

After the interview 6 students from Electrical, and 1 student from power and mechanical were selected for the internship. 

Last Updated : 25 May, 2022
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