CDOT (Centre for Development of Telematics) Interview Experience

One Interview Only (Technical + HR)

1. Tell me about yourself. Your favorite subjects(I mentioned DS, OS, OOPs, DBMS)

2. Tell difference between declaration and definition in C.(background process in memory)

3. What are disadvantages of recursion?What actually happens in background. (Told about stackoverflow). How can we prevent stackoverflow?

4. What actually happens in background when we compile a C program?Want to know phases of compiler?(Told about two, Lexical analysis and Intermediate code generator)

5. How many files are created when we compile and run a C program?What each file contains and the role of each?

6. Syntax in C program is checked by which phase of compiler.

7. Brief discussion on macros and function in terms of space and time.Which is better is which scenario.

8. Explain your project.(Mine project was on database in Mysql)

9. Tell the port number in Mysql on which your project worked.(even I was not knowing what is port number).

10. What is BLOB?Full Form of BLOB?Why it is used?

11. Difference between BLOB and TEXT?(Want to know background details as well).

12. Asked about output of three program(related to file handling, calloc and malloc, and one simple)

ADVICE: Be thorough with each and every details of project and basics of everything. 🙂

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