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Top 10 Biggest Festivals around the World

Last Updated : 01 Mar, 2024
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Discover the Top 10 biggest festivals in the world, including the World’s largest festival globally. Explore the Best top 10 music festivals around the world. Delight in the Top 10 most beautiful festivals around the world, with insights into Large festivals around the world and their locations. Find out Where is the biggest festival in the world is and explore the Top 10 best festivals around the world, showcasing the most famous celebrations around the world.

Festivals, a fundamental part of human culture, celebrate traditions with full enthusiasm, energy life, devotion, faith, and Joyful spirit.


Top 10 Biggest Festivals around the World

On a global level, people come together to engage in the Jolly spirit of various Cultural festivals, each offering a quirky experience, whether it be the enormous Rio Carnival in Brazil, the festival of lights Diwali in India, or the breathtaking Oktoberfest in Germany, a story of Traditional and cultural heritage, resilience, and the human capacity for joy is told by each festivity. Let’s explore some of the top festivals around the globe.

Let’s dive right in.

Top 10 Festivals In The World

The following is the list of top 10 festivals in the world:

Top 10 Biggest Festivals in the World

Serial Number

Festival Name

Tentative Dates




Mid of October to Mid of November



Rio De Janeiro

Last week of February



Songkran Festival




Día De Los Muertos

First week of November



Obon Festival

Mid August







Hermanus Whale Festival


South Africa


Semana Santa




Quebec Winter Carniva


Quebec, Canada


Mardi Gras


New Orieans ,USA

In this article, We have covered the list of the top 10 Festivals around the world, the Best Cultural and Musical Festivals in the world, and many more.

1. Diwali, India


Diwali, India

People celebrate Diwali because on this day Lord Rama ,Mata Sita and Lord Lakshman return to ayodhya after defeated the ravana and spending 14 years in exile and also marks victory of good over evil. This is consider as a very important festival in Hindu Religion. During Diwali, people decorate their homes with beautiful lights, diyas, Rangoli, and earthen lamps (saaki) and perform worship of goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of prosperity and wealth. People wear ethnic clothes on this special occasion in which Boys wear Kurta Payjama and women wear Salwars and Dupatta. During Diwali People do a joyful social gathering and light fireworks and share sweets among themselves.

2. Carnival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Carnival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the largest festival celebrated in Brazil and usually celebrated in the month of February and March. This festival lasts for 5 days and over 2 million people attending this festival every day and this is also the largest carnival in the world. This festival is about showcasing the Brazilian culture with their traditional music ,dancing and parades. One of the best parade that attracts the tourists who visited Rio carnival is samba school parade which is held in the Sambodromo stadium. In this event each samba school creates a float ,music ,costumes and this is judged by a panel of experts and after the judgement winning school is awarded with the title “Champion of the carnival”. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world.

Best Time To Visit Rio Carnival:

The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro for Carnival is between the Friday before Ash Wednesday and Ash Wednesday itself, which typically falls in February or early March. This five-day period is the heart of the Carnival celebrations, where the city comes alive with vibrant parades, electrifying music, and a contagious party atmosphere.

3. Songkran Festival, Thailand


Songkran Festival, Thailand

Songkran festival is one of the biggest festivals in Thailand and is celebrated in April. This festival marks Thailand’s new year. The timing of this festival is determined by the lunisolar Theravada Buddhist calendar that the people of the country follow. The meaning of Songkran is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word that means to ‘enter’ and this indicates the movement of the zodiac. On the first day of the festival, there is a spring cleaning and a water-pouring ceremony. During this, scented water is poured onto sacred Buddha images in temples which means welcoming the new year and saying bye to the previous year. On the second day, young people pay respect to their elders by pouring scented water over their hands and feet in return for blessings and floral garlands, and offerings are made to monks and temples. Songkran is cherished and eagerly anticipated by all in Thailand, as it blends ancient customs with a unique and unforgettable water play experience.

4. Día De Los Muertos, Mexico


Día De Los Muertos, Mexico

Día De Los Muertos is a two-day festival that means Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico in November. In this festival families come together to pray and remember their loved ones who have died previously and offer them their favorite food and drinks. On the first day families pray for the children who have deceased while on the second day, families pray for the adult ones. Photos of deceased loved ones are commonly placed on altars, along with their favorite food or drink. Families welcome everyone interested in seeing the altar and they offer the deceased one with some traditional Mexican food like pan de muerto (Mexican Pastry), atole, and a drink made from corn. On November 2, families visit the cemetery, where they clean and decorate the graves of their loved ones, and they may also hold a vigil or a celebration. This is an important festival for Mexicans that shows the importance of family and community.

5. Obon Festival, Japan


Obon Festival, Japan

Obon is a Japanese festival where families remembers and honors their ancestors who deceased. This festival is also called “Bon” and celebrated in the mid of August that is August 13 to August 16. Obon is a beautiful unique blend of Buddhist and Shinto traditions. People who falls in solar region celebrate this festival in the month of July while people who falls in the lunar region celebrates the festival in month of august. In this festival, families clean and decorate graves and light lanterns, and in the evening, traditional obon dances are performed in communities. Families dance together and celebrate the soul of the deceased ancestors and their lives. At the end of obon, floating lanterns are released on rivers, lakes, or the sea to guide the spirits back to the other world.

6. Tsechus, Bhutan


Tsechus, Bhutan

Tsechus is one of the biggest religious festival of Bhutan. Tsechus is celebrated on the tenth-day of the lunar Tibetan calendar. This festival is celebrated to honor Guru Rinpoche who introduced the Buddhism to Bhutan in the eighth century. This festival holds important significance among the Bhutanese people as they celebrated this festival as religious celebration and joyful gathering of people. The highlight of this festival is the captivating Cham dances, performed by monks and laypeople adorned in elaborate masks and costumes. Through these masked dances, depictions are made of various deities and historical figures, imbued with the power to dispel negativity and shower blessings upon the audience. A tsechus being attended is seen as a mark of devotion to Buddhism, and merit points are collected by Bhutanese attending the festival, bringing them one step closer to enlightenment, the ultimate Buddhist goal.

7. Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa


Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa

A three-day festival is held in the charming coastal town of Hermanus, South Africa, and this iconic festival is positioned firmly as an internationally recognized brand that has been growing from humble beginnings 32 years ago to attract 75,000–1,30,000 visitors annually. A tribute is paid to the legacy left to the town by Wendy the Whale through this festival, whose story tells of humans’ ability to coexist with nature and the power of communities uniting to value the environment. The festival’s events and activities are designed to raise awareness about protecting whales and all marine life sharing our coastal waters. This festival is held in September which coincides with the whale activity. The beauty of Hermanus offers you opportunities for scenic hikes, indulging in water sports, or tasting the region’s finest wines at nearby wineries.

8. Semana Santa, Guatemala


Semana Santa, Guatemala

Semana Santa is one of the biggest festival of Guatemala and also called Holy Week that means the last week of Lent before Easter. This celebration is celebrated by the Spaniards and they started celebrating this festival 500 years back and now this is biggest festival of Gautemala and World. Guatemala draws thousands of visitors to this festival. In this festival, communities organize parades featuring large and ornate floats (andas) carrying statues depicting scenes from the biblical story, and one of the most visually stunning traditions is the creation of alfombras, or carpets, made of colored sawdust, flowers, and other materials. These intricate designs cover the streets and serve as a temporary path for the processions. Also, churches play a significant role during Semana Santa, hosting religious services, processions, and special masses, and like many holidays, in this festival, families prepare traditional dishes and share meals as part of the festive atmosphere and do cultural performances, such as traditional music and dance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Guatemala.

9. Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada


Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

Quebec Winter Carnival is one of the biggest carnival held in Quebec City celebrated between the last January and mid February. This festival starts in the year 1955 and from then it is celebrated every year and this year 2024 is the 70th anniversary of this festival. The most famous attraction of this festival is its night and daytime parades which are done by the mascot Bonhomme Carnaval. This parade is passed through the upper city and the city is decorated with lights and ice sculptures for this special parade. The construction of majestic ice becomes a central focal point for many events and activities throughout the festival. Ice skating Snow sculptures and Dog sledding are the major outdoor activities that attract visitors from the world. Visitors can also try the traditional foods in the carnival like tourtière (meat pie), pouding chômeur (a sweet, sticky pudding), and maple treats. Various events such as traditional dance and music show the rich cultural heritage of Quebec.

10. Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA


Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA

Mardi Gras is one of the biggest festival of New Orleans, USA celebrated annually before Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras traces its origins back to medieval Europe, where pre-Lenten celebrations allowed for a final burst of indulgence before the somber period of Lent. The signature colors of Mardi Gras are purple ,green and gold. All the signature colors hold different significances purple represents faith Green embodies hope and Gold signifies power. This festival is more than just a party; it’s a cultural extravaganza celebrating life, community, and letting loose before the somber Lent period.

11. Venice Carnival And The Regata Storica, Italy

The Venice Carnival is celebrated on the first Sunday of September in Venice, Italy. This festival celebration shows the cultural heritage of Italy. This annual event generally takes place in the days leading up to Lent and lasts for 10 days. The festivities include grand masquerade balls, vibrant parades with the Doge and the Duchess in traditional costumes in a colorful beautifully decorated boat flanked by many others, and a variety of artistic performances. St. Mark’s Square becomes a hub of activity with locals and tourists alike participating in the revelry. Boat races and parades of colorfully adorned gondolas with costumed crews can be observed from spots along the canal.

Top 10 Biggest Festivals in the World

  • Rio Carnival, Brazil: The epitome of vibrant parades and samba music.
  • Diwali, India: A festival of lights symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.
  • Oktoberfest, Germany: The world’s largest beer festival.
  • The Chinese New Year, China: Marking the beginning of the lunar new year with fireworks and dragon dances.
  • Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA: Famous for its masquerade balls and colorful parades.
  • La Tomatina, Spain: A unique tomato-throwing festival.
  • Burning Man, USA: A desert gathering celebrating community, art, and self-expression.
  • Holi, India: Known as the festival of colors, celebrating spring.
  • Carnival of Venice, Italy: Famous for its elaborate masks.
  • Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland: A gathering of the performing arts from around the globe.

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World’s Largest Festival

  • Kumbh Mela, India: Held every 12 years, it’s the largest peaceful gathering in the world, attracting millions of pilgrims.

Best Top 10 Music Festivals Around the World

  • Coachella, USA: A trendy music and arts festival in the California desert.
  • Tomorrowland, Belgium: One of the biggest electronic music festivals globally.
  • Glastonbury, UK: A legendary festival featuring top acts across genres.
  • Lollapalooza, USA: A multi-genre festival, from rock to rap.
  • Primavera Sound, Spain: Known for its diverse lineup and seaside setting.
  • Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland: Featuring jazz and other genres by Lake Geneva.
  • Fuji Rock, Japan: Asia’s largest music festival, set against a stunning mountain backdrop.
  • Rock in Rio, Brazil: A massive rock festival with global editions.
  • Sziget, Hungary: A week-long festival on an island in Budapest.
  • Ultra Music Festival, USA: A premier electronic music festival in Miami.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Festivals Around the World

  • Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan: Celebrating the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms.
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, USA: The largest hot air balloon festival.
  • Day of the Dead, Mexico: A colorful celebration honoring deceased loved ones.
  • Lantern Festival, Taiwan: Thousands of sky lanterns light up the night.
  • Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands: The world’s largest flower garden.
  • White Nights Festival, Russia: Celebrating arts during the season of midnight sun.
  • Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, Thailand: Lantern festivals symbolizing letting go of ills.
  • Harbin Ice Festival, China: Spectacular ice sculptures and activities.
  • Vivid Sydney, Australia: A festival of light, music, and ideas.
  • La Fête des Lumières, France: Lyon’s festival of lights with stunning installations.

World’s Top 10 Biggest Festivals

  • Reiterates the first section with a focus on scale and attendance.

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Large Festivals Around the World

  • Exit Festival, Serbia: A summer music festival in a fortress.
  • AfrikaBurn, South Africa: A Burning Man regional event in the desert.
  • Sunburn Festival, India: Asia’s largest electronic dance music festival.
  • Isle of Wight Festival, UK: One of the oldest music festivals in the world.

Where is the Biggest Festival in the World?

  • Kumbh Mela, India: Not just the largest religious gathering but also the largest festival globally in terms of attendance.

Top 10 Best Festivals Around the World

  • This section echoes the most culturally significant and globally recognized festivals, emphasizing their unique experiences and global appeal.

Conclusion – Top 10 Biggest Festivals Iorld

The various types of global festival exhibit the rich cultural heritage that reconnects people throughout the world. These celebrations, glared by spiritual traditions, music, and espirit, emphasize the global human tendency to come together in such cheerful harmony, encouraging a sense of shared identity and global coordination. Festivals are feeling of mixed emotions ,in some festivals families gather together and celebrate while in some festivals families gather together and remember their deceased loved ones. Festivals also play a major role in creating awareness among the human being.

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Top Festivals Around The World – FAQs

What are the biggest music festivals in the world for 2024?

Coachella (USA), Tomorrowland (Belgium), Glastonbury Festival (UK), and Rock in Rio are among the biggest music festivals planned for 2024.

Which festival is known as one of the biggest and best in the world?

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil is recognized as one of the biggest and best festivals globally, famous for its vibrant parade and celebrity attendance.

Can you list some unique world festivals for my 2024 bucket list?

Envision, Boom Festival, Lightning In a Bottle, Fusion Festival, Noisily, Ozora, Shambhala Music Festival, and Earth Frequency Festival are top picks for unique experiences in 2024.

Where can I find a cultural kaleidoscope of the biggest festivals in the world?

Festivals like Diwali, Oktoberfest, and Chinese New Year offer a cultural kaleidoscope, showcasing diverse food, music, rituals, and costumes from around the globe.

What are the top music festivals of 2024?

Austin City Limits in Texas, USA, and Electric Zoo Festival in New York, USA, are highlighted as top music festivals for 2024, offering diverse line-ups and experiences.

How many years lord Rama spent in exile?

Lord Rama spent 14 years in exile.

How many people visited the Rio carnival per day?

Approx 2 million people visited the Rio carnival per day.

Which calendar people of Thailand follow?

Theravada Buddhist calendar is followed by the people of Thailand.

Which day families remembers and pray for deceased children in the Día De Los Muertos festival?

On the first day of Día De Los Muertos festival , families remembers and pray for deceased children.

What is the other name of Obon?

Obon is also called Bon.

According to lunar Tibetan calendar Tsechus is celebrated?

Tsechus is celebrated on 10th day of lunar Tibetan calendar.

Why Hermanus Whale Festival is Celebrated?

To raise awareness about protecting whales and all marine life sharing our coastal waters.

When Semana Santa festival start?

Semana Santa is started in Guatemala in 1524 by Spaniards.

What are the major outdoor activities of the Quebec Winter Carnival?

Major outdoor activities of this festival is ice skating and snow sculptures, and dog sledding.

What are the Signature Colors of Mardi Gras?

The signature colors of mardi gras is purple, green, and gold.

What is Venice Carnival called in Italian?

Venice Carnival is called Carnevale di Venezia in Italian.

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