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Airtel Interview experience | Set 1 (FTE On-campus)

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2020
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Airtel visited my Campus few days back.Here is my interview experience.

Resume shortlisting:
Based on aggregate 40 students were shortlisted out of 150 to 200 students.

Round 1:Online
This round was conducted on hackerrank. Online test had two sections 20 MCQs(20 mins) and 2 coding questions(45 mins). MCQs were based on data structures, complexity analysis, aptitude, etc.

Coding questions:

1. You are given a string s,an array roll where roll[i] represents rolling first roll[i] characters in string.
you have to apply every roll[i] on string and output final string.rolling means increasing ASCII value of character. like rolling ‘z’ would result in ‘a’,rolling ‘b’ would result in ‘c’,etc.
constraints: 1<=|s|<=10^5

For eg: Input:
1 2 3

2. You are given a string s, now you have to find the maximum number of occurrences of a subString which follows following constraints:let subString length be L
(a). minLength<=L<=maxLength
(b). number of unique characters in subString <=maxUnique
Given: 1<=minLength<=|s|

For eg: Input:
1 2 3
2( considering substring d which occurs twice and follows constraints as well)

Hint:o(|s|*26) Algo.

After This round 11 students were shortlisted out of 40 for PI rounds.

Technical round 1:
Interview started with tell me about yourself. He asked me about my academic projects. Detailed discussion on database concepts because of my related project. He asked various concepts like critical section problem, thread concurrency, shared and binary locks, Timestamp methods, server-client architecture related to threads, ACID properties of DBMS, etc.

1.Convert Binary tree into Mirror tree

2.Reverse a linked list

3.Insertion,deletion,extractMin,etc in heap

It lasted more than 1 hour. Interviewer was kindof chill.He then finally asked me do you have any questions.I asked few and then I was asked to wait.

After this round 6 students were selected for the second technical round.

Technical round 2:
He started interview by asking how was my first technical round. I said it was good. Then he asked me what sort questions he discussed and all. He asked me about multithreading and related concepts.
Then he came up with a problem where you have given a piece of code and you have to write some other function or use any data structure to protect it from multiple threads that are trying to access in real time ,now there is one more constraint that you have to let one thread or fixed number of threads to execute the piece of code.
We discussed about the solution i gave( He was happy with the approach 🙂 ).
Hint:Singleton class
He then discussed about consistency of database and few other questions.
Then,he said its done.Do you have any questions.I asked few questions and asked for my feedback 🙂 .

After this round 4 students were selected for HR round.
I waited for about 30 mins,after that and was the first student to get a call for HR round.

HR round:

She asked me to get comfortable and started with asking interview experience before Airtel. He asked about my academic failure till now if any. She gave me few situations like how will you manage to work in pressure environment, how you will convince your team or your boss about your different approach for solution to problem, then she asked if in future i want to do MBA/MS/MTech. She asked if i will get a offer from some big company,what i will do and some other HR questions.It lasted more than 1 hour.

After 30 mins ,results were announced and i was selected 🙂 .
Thanks to geeksforgeeks to help me with great content.

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