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10 Top AI Tools for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting – 2024 [Free]

Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2024
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Handling finances can be a tough job especially when there are large numbers involved and it is easy to get confused about the right track of budgeting. This goes for people who work as professionals in the field as well as those who want to set a budget on a personal level.

In recent years, AI has undergone a huge transformation and there are AI tools for every possible task you can imagine. AI Tools for personal finance management and budgeting have truly revolutionized the finance sector because of their efficiency in providing real-time insights and automated repetitive tasks.

Top AI Tools for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting

In this article, we’ll learn more about the importance of AI tools for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting, along with the 10 best tools as per their features, pricing, pros & cons, etc.

Importance of AI in Personal Finance

The introduction of AI in personal finance management and budgeting has been a game changer. Time-consuming tasks such as budgeting, investment tracking, and identifying patterns have been automated which frees up time for individuals to look into other matters of their finance.

AI tools meant for personal finances and budgeting can also act as financial advisors by using AI-based algorithms to track patterns, risk tolerance, and goals. Further, it also provides a double layer of security and can detect fraudulent activities and anomalies in data. This can save people from incurring huge losses.

10 Top AI Personal Finance Tools for 2024

Let’s check out the 10 best AI tools for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting in 2024:


Cleo is an AI tool for budget planning and managing personal finances that analyzes your income and expenditure by categorizing them to understand where your money is going.



  • Gives monthly reminders so you never miss a payment on a bill
  • Has a 24*7 AI assistant where you can chat about any finance-related queries
  • It keeps an eye on your bank account balance and notifies you when they get low to avoid paying an overdraft fees
  • It has a roast mode where the AI will roast you to induce self-control and a hype mode for building motivation


  • Free for Cleo Personal Finance Management Services
  • $5.99/ month for Cleo Plus subscription
  • $14.99/ month for Cleo Builder Subscription



It offers a cash advance feature where it will provide you with money based on your expected income which can be repaid on a date decided by you.

Paid plans are expensive compared to the basic features they provide.

Provides a good introduction to money management.

The cash advance is a very small amount of money.

It is easy to navigate because of its interactive layout.

No investment or financial advice

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Wally is a one-stop destination where you can track and learn about your income and expenditures in real time beyond charts and graphs.



  • It provides intelligent insights where you can ask any questions regarding your finances and instantly get detailed answers.
  • Gives you investment recommendations based on your goals.
  • Provides a centralized view of all your bank accounts. It helps you see your net worth across all currencies.
  • It notifies you of payment of bills before they are due so you never miss them.


  • FREE
  • $8.99/month for Wally Gold Membership



You can connect to it from 15,000+ banks in over 70 countries worldwide.

All data should be put in manually.

It can make finances easy to understand through WallyGPT.

Most of the useful features are in the paid plan.

It does not save your username, password, or credit card information and provides end-to-end encryption which helps maintain privacy.

Visit Site:


Buddy uses AI tools to manage personal finances and tracking budgets to stop overspending and know exactly how much money you have left by planning a budget.



  • Offers a shared budget where you can invite your partner, roommate, or anyone else to track the transactions between the two of you
  • It is completely customizable and you can create your own categories.
  • You can set up multiple accounts on the app to see your complete financial overview
  • You can use the app in light mode or dark mode.


  • FREE
  • $4.99/month for access to premium features



Easy to navigate

Cannot link your credit cards or bank accounts to the app

You can upload your existing budget in Excel to the app

You need to manually put in information each time.

Enables people to share their budget with friends and also view theirs for added accountability.

Visit Site:


This AI tool for personal finance management and budgeting empowers people to save more and spend less. It puts great emphasis on cutting out unwanted expenditures on subscriptions and taking financial control.

Rocket Money


  • Create a list of all subscription-based expenditures so you can identify and cancel what is unwanted.
  • Gives you a report of your credit score and history and highlights changes that may harm your score
  • It monitors your account for fraudulent activities.
  • Updates the value of your assets and remaining balance on debts automatically.


  • FREE
  • $4 – $12/month for different tiers of premium features



Helps negotiate and cancel bills on your behalf

A subscription fee is required to access most features

Facilitates easy access to all your accounts

The cost of the bill negotiation fee is very high

Easy to navigate

Weak investment tracking

Visit Site:


Mint is a budget tracker and planner for personal finances powered by AI tools that tracks your cashflow and provides insights to identify money-saving areas.



  • Syncs to your bank account, credit card, and retirement accounts to give you one view of your financial sphere
  • Has a daily budget planner which suggests goals based on your spending patterns
  • It categorizes your expenses automatically.


  • FREE
  • $4.99/month for Mint Premium



Uses multifactor authentication for accessing your account and provides great security to protect sensitive information.

The free version of the app has a lot of ads.

Evaluate your credit score and credit report

Purchases are not recorded quickly and are often wrongly categorized.

The app will notify you if you are going over budget or if there is any suspicious activity.

Visit Site:

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Fudget is an AI tool for personal finance management and budgeting that puts your income and expenses together and tells you how much money is left. It makes sure people stick to their budget and do not overspend.



  • You can star your entries which are to be repeated in each budget
  • Displays charts of your budgets
  • Is available in many languages
  • The budget can be created and exported


  • FREE
  • $20 annual subscription



Simplified and minimal navigation

Extra ads

The free version has most of the essential features

Does not come with some of the essential features of other budgeting apps such as financial literacy, automatic transfers, etc.

Visit Site:


Goodbudget claims to be the perfect budget tracker for the modern world where people can share their budgets with their friends and family and save up money for huge expenses and paying off debt.



  • Sync the shared household budget
  • Makes use of the envelope system known as Kakeibo in the Japanese language. It lets you know how much money is allocated to each expense and how much is safe.
  • Provide easy-to-read graphs that help in understanding your money habits.
  • Uses 256-bit encryptions for privacy


  • FREE
  • $8/month for premium features



Analyzes income and spending trends

The free version only allows for one account

Produce articles and podcasts to help users understand budgeting

No investment assistance is provided

The free version is the same as the premium version just with enhanced features.

Visit Site:


Honeydue is a free couples budgeting app that allows a couple to collaborate on their expenses and track all of their shared accounts. As per their budget customization, users have an option to manage their extra expenses together.



  • A chat feature where you can discuss the finances with your partner
  • They will send you a reminder when your bills are due
  • Automatically categorizes expenses which can be customized


  • FREE



You can share what you share with your partner

You need the app to access Honeydue.

It is completely free.

You will have to manually sit down and set the budget. The app does not do it automatically based on the trends of expenditure and income.

Designed especially for partners.

Visit Site:


Wizely is an AI-powered money-saving app to track personal finances and budgets. It claims to be India’s first digital piggybank app.



  • Money saving and spending challenges are arranged for which you get cash rewards
  • Creates flexible saving plans for travels, emergencies, and everything in between.
  • Provides an autosaving option on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


  • Starts as low as Rs. 10



256-bit encryption which makes every transaction safe

The UI/UX design isn’t easy to navigate

Available at a low cost

Flexible savings

Visit Site:


Magnifi is an AI-powered tool that helps you make guided decisions regarding investments. It helps you find relevant investments.



  • A chatbot that answers all your investment-related questions without any judgment.
  • Provides natural language investment search
  • On-demand stock market data


  • $11/month



User Friendly

A high monthly fee

Provides a free trial

No advanced tools are available

No trading options are present

Visit Site:


Each of the AI Tools for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting that have been listed possess different features and caters to the needs of different people. If you are a college student and want a simple budget tracker, Fudget would be a good option for you.

If you are someone who has roommates and splits bills a lot, buddy would be beneficial. If you are in a long-term relationship or are married, Honeydue is the way to go. For arranging your house expenses in an orderly fashion, Goodbudget would be appropriate.

Most of these AI tools meant for tracking personal finances have a free version of the basic features they provide. You can try them and then subscribe to the premium version if it is a fit for you.

Which AI Tool for Personal Finance is Best?

Different AI tools serve different purposes and it is hard to judge them on a linear and objective scale. However, on a subjective basis the best AI Tool for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting would be Wizely. Not only is there a free version of the tool, but the premium version features start from as low as Rs. 10.

The autosave option can be beneficial as it separates and saves a certain amount of money on regular intervals decided by you. This can help you, especially in times of emergencies. It can also help you save up for a particular goal, trip, object, etc. You can also win cash rewards for participating in money-saving challenges which would instantly be credited to your bank account through UPI.

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AI tools for personal finance and budgeting are a revolution living in our pockets. They can efficiently help us budget our expenses, track our transactions, and save up for the future. They are easily accessible financial advisors present 24*7. They also promote financial literacy where you can learn about money without any judgment and make informed decisions regarding your investment.

10 Top AI Tools for Personal Finance Management and Budgeting – FAQs

Are there any free AI Tools for Budgeting and Personal Finance?

While there are free versions of almost all AI powered Financial tools, you would need to pay a certain amount to access the premium features.

How can AI improve my investment decisions?

AI can help you make informed decisions about the investments and we can find new investments, research possibilities and compare the stock and funds you plan on investing in.

What is the best AI tool for Personal Finance Management?

The experience of each tool varies from person to person. However, if you are a college student looking for a budgeting tool, Fudget is an inexpensive AI tool to manage your finances and budgeting your expenses. On the other hand, if you want to manage the budget and expenditure of the entire household, GoodBudget is a decent option.

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