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5 Ways COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Our Everyday Life

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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The COVID-19 pandemic was indeed one of the most unprecedented events that we have had to face in recent times. 

Almost no one was prepared for anything like COVID-19, and it immensely influenced our day-to-day habits. Even though we had to bear the brunt of the COVID-19 virus, it has completely changed the course of some of our daily habits. It has also given rise to one of the largest societal shifts that humankind has ever witnessed. 

It’s often stated that every coin has two sides. Some of the habits that got inculcated into us as a result of the pandemic, were prominently visible. 

In this blog, we are going to comprehensively discuss some of the most evident changes that came about due to COVID-19 and how they have impacted our lives, probably forever. 

1. Remote Working and Education 

A remarkable change made by COVID-19 is the way we work and how students are taught. Companies are now allowing employees to work in a hybrid model, i.e., periodically from home and periodically from the office. Some companies have even adopted the model of allowing employees to work from home full-time. This is significant because most employees can now save time going to work and spend more time on themselves and their families. 

Others argue that accountability is a major challenge faced by the senior authorities while employees work from home. Nevertheless, ‘Work From Home’ is spreading its roots and many companies are implementing it extensively. Similar patterns can also be observed in online learning to an extent. Teachers are now able to teach students, conduct assignments and exams through various teaching software. Students are also able to do all the listed things from the comfort of their homes. Although there has been some debate about whether or not a child understands the subjects taught online, we cannot deny that online learning was evident during the pandemic. 

2. Contactless and Cashless Payment

Since the onset of the pandemic, people have tended to impede the use of direct contact with anything and everything, including physical cash. As a result, retail commerce has embraced cashless payment systems, and this has translated into a rapid acceleration in digital transactions. The pandemic has paved the way for consumer demand for even more payment options. This has consequently opened doors for innovation in payments and has provided financial institutions with the opportunity to leverage the trend of contactless payments. Also, the trend is forecasted to be in favor of online shopping in the long run as these payments are quick, safe, and convenient. 

3. Cleanliness and Hygiene 

Cleanliness and hygiene are some of the aspects that don’t need emphasis, especially in today’s times. We know how critical it is to maintain a clean environment and the effect it has on our and our family’s overall health. The pandemic really instilled in us the habit of regularly washing our hands, using sanitizers, and other equivalent hygiene habits. Home cleaning and disinfecting were also crucial practices that helped reduce the pathogen count in our homes. Some of us had these habits from the beginning, and some acquired these habits during the pandemic. In spite of that, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and augmented our cleanliness and hygiene habits, maybe forever. 

4. The Surge in Health Awareness 

We would all agree on the fact that this pandemic has forced us to take charge of our general health, which primarily comprises physical, mental, and spiritual health. Even though some of us used to work out regularly, eat healthily, and even meditate, it’s an indisputable conviction that the pandemic has catalyzed all these things to a whole new level. A great upswing has been seen in the number of medical checkups, blood tests, and other health-related tests. People are comprehending the value of “prevention is better than cure” and their current habits are a strong indication of the same. It is sufficient to validate that individuals today look after their health and care more consciously about it than they did prior to the pandemic. 

5. Renewed Respect for Essential Workers

Besides all the relevant changes the pandemic has made in our daily lives, there’s another noteworthy thing it has made us realize. It’s the pre-eminence of all the essential workers that slogged day and night, dawn and dusk, to make sure that all the necessary operations ran seamlessly. The pandemic made us truly realize the importance of health workers, scientists, police officers, garbage and sewage cleaners, line workers, volunteers, and many others. These were people whom we did consider important earlier, but our respect for them grew multi-fold, especially during this pandemic. Their work and their efforts are undoubtedly commendable, and they were the ones responsible for streamlining our way out of the pandemic. 

These were some of the distinct changes we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these things have truly put forth a new perspective in front of us and made us deeply ponder them. Hygiene, payments, health awareness, working, and education have gone through several permutations and will perhaps never be the same again. Also, the pandemic made us realize the significance of essential workers and how influential they are in our day-to-day lives. 

Even though the COVID patient count is gradually decreasing, we still can’t risk discarding the use of masks and sanitizers. Also, a distance of six feet should be maintained, and we should refrain from leaving our homes if we have even the slightest symptoms. Take the right medicines and the right foods if you have any symptoms. The reason it should be stressed (even though it is often over-stressed), is because the pandemic isn’t entirely over. Unless the respected health officials and the government provide us with clear guidelines and protocols, we should follow the fundamentally issued protocols. This will not only ensure your safety but also that of your family. 

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