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UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2017 Jan – II | Question 46
  • Last Updated : 23 Mar, 2018

Match the following:
(A) (1)
(B) (2)
(C) (3)
(D) (4)

Answer: (A)


  1. In Affiliate Marketing vendors ask partners to place logos on partner’s site. If customers click, come to vendors and buy.
  2. In Viral Marketing spread your brand on the net by word-of-mouth. Receivers will send yourinformation to their friends.
  3. In Group Purchasing aggregating the demands of small buyers to get a large volume. Then negotiate a price.
  4. In Bartering Online exchanging surplus products and services with the process administered completely online by an intermediary. Company receives “points” for its contribution.

    So, option (A) is correct.

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