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GATE | Quiz for Sudo GATE 2021 | Question 18

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  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2020

Consider the following C program :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
struct s {
    int i;
    char *c;
} str[] = {100, "eclasses", 200, "geeks",300, "data",400,"structure",500,"students"};
int main()
    struct s *p = str;
    p += 1;
    printf("%s", p -> c);
    printf("%s,", ++p -> c);
    printf(" %d, ", p[1].i);
    printf("%s", p -> c);

Which of the string(s) will be in the final output of the above C program ?

Note – This question is multiple select questions (MSQ).
(A) geeksclasses
(B) 100
(C) students
(D) 200

Answer: (A) (C) (D)

Explanation: Here structure is the data type contains integer type and string. Base address of strings,


p contains the base address of the str data type.


means jump to index 0 to index 1 <200,2000>in array str.

First print statement, p->c points to the base address of the string and print statement print till null found in the string.


Second print statement
p– means back to index 0,
++p -> c means traverse the string one byte and print the remaining string


Third print statement
p[1].i prints the integer stored at 1 index.


Fourth print statement
p=p+4 means go to index 4
p->c print string stored at index 4


Therefore, options (A), (C), and (D) are correct.

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