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GATE | GATE MOCK 2017 | Question 52

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Consider 2 scenarios:

C1: For DFA (ϕ, Ʃ, δ, qo, F),
         if F = ϕ, then L = Ʃ*
C2: For NFA (ϕ, Ʃ, δ, qo, F),
         if F = ϕ, then L = Ʃ*
Where F = Final states set
ϕ = Total states set

Choose the correct option ?

(A) Both are true
(B) Both are False

(C) C1 is true, C2 is false
(D) C1 is false, C2 is true

Answer: (C)


In case of a NFA even if F = ϕ, there may be some states where we have no transitions defined for a particular symbol i.e Dead state rejections in NFA. Due to which, L ≠ Ʃ*.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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