GATE | Gate IT 2007 | Question 35

Early binding refers to a binding performed at compile time and late binding refers to a binding performed at execution time. Consider the following statements:

i. Static scope facilitates w1 bindings.

ii. Dynamic scope requires w2 bindings.

iii. Early bindings w3 execution efficiency.

iv. Late bindings w4 execution efficiency.

The right choices of wl, w2, w3 and w4 (in that order) are
(A) Early, late, decrease, increase
(B) Late, early, increase, decrease
(C) Late, early, decrease, increase
(D) Early, late, increase, decrease

Answer: (D)

Explanation: Early binding can be done in Static Scoping(during compile time). Early binding increases efficiency (running time will be reduced).
Late binding can be done in Dynamic scoping (during execution time). Late binding decreases efficiency as it needs to be done at run-time. (but it increases flexibility)

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