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Consider the following table

       Algorithms                   Design Paradigms
(P) Dijkastra’s Algorithm              (i) Divide and Conquer
(Q) Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication   (ii) Greedy
(R) Fibonacci numbers                  (iii) Dynamic Programming 

Match the algorithm to design paradigms they are based on:
(A) P-(ii), Q-(iii), R-(i)
(B) P-(iii), Q-(i), R-(ii)
(C) P-(ii), Q-(i), R-(iii)
(D) P-(i), Q-(ii), R-(iii)

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Dijkstra’s algorithm is Greedy technique to find the shortest path from a single source vertex to all other vertices in the given graph.
Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication is Divide and conquer technique to multiply matrices in efficient way.
Fibonacci numbers uses Dynamic programming.

Therefore, option (C) is true.

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