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Aptitude | GATE CS 1998 | Question 25

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In a resident- OS computer, which of the following system software must reside in the main memory under all situations?
(A) Assembler
(B) Linker
(C) Loader
(D) Compiler

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Loader is the part of an operating system that is responsible for loading programs and libraries. it places the programs into memory and also prepares them for execution.

Loading a program involves tasks such as reading the contents of the executable file containing the program instructions into memory, and then carrying out other required preparatory tasks to prepare the executable for running so any software must reside in the main memory under all situations.

The operating system starts the program by passing control to the loaded program code once the loading process is completed.

Option (C) is correct.

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Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2020
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