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Gblog GeeksforGeeks True Geek Tournament – 7 Days Marathon to Earn the ‘True Geek’ Title!
Do you remember the childhood days, when cricket was the major reason for living to you and how excited you used to be for that… Read More
Given an infinite number line from -INFINITY to +INFINITY and we are on zero. We can move n steps either side at each n’th time. … Read More
Given N jobs where every job is represented by following three elements of it.1. Start Time 2. Finish Time 3. Profit or Value AssociatedFind the maximum profit… Read More
Myntra visited our campus on the first day of placements. Before coming to college, they held the first round which was online. Online Round (First… Read More
Given a string containing alphanumeric characters, calculate sum of all numbers present in the string. Examples:  Input: 1abc23 Output: 24 Input: geeks4geeks Output: 4 Input:… Read More
Python has defined a module, “time” which allows us to handle various operations regarding time, its conversions and representations, which find its use in various… Read More
Recently I had an interview for ERM-C team of Amazon Hyderabad for SDE-1 position. So, there were 5 rounds in total. Round 1 (On-screen interview)… Read More
It is basically a header file that includes every standard library. In programming contests, using this file is a good idea, when you want to… Read More
Given a number n, find all binary sequences of length 2n such that sum of first n bits is same as sum of last n… Read More
Given a function rand50() that returns 0 or 1 with equal probability, write a function that returns 1 with 75% probability and 0 with 25%… Read More
Test Procedure: (Prior to interview date) 1. Online Written test. Time: 1:30 hrs Questions: 25(5- coding, 20- MCQ) MCQs were aptitude, Operating systems and output… Read More
Given a number, find its corresponding Roman numeral. Examples:  Input : 9 Output : IX Input : 40 Output : XL Input : 1904 Output :… Read More
Python defines a set of functions that are used to generate or manipulate random numbers through the random module. Functions in the random module rely… Read More
A sequence of n numbers (n < 3000) is called Jolly Jumper if the absolute values of the differences between the successive elements take on… Read More
Commvault had recently visited our college. They were looking for both software developers as well as people for QA. Both had similar packages. Coming to… Read More
Given a simple expression tree, consisting of basic binary operators i.e., + , – ,* and / and some integers, evaluate the expression tree. Examples:… Read More