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Gblog GeeksforGeeks True Geek Tournament – 7 Days Marathon to Earn the ‘True Geek’ Title!
Do you remember the childhood days, when cricket was the major reason for living to you and how excited you used to be for that… Read More
Prerequisites : LCE(Set 1), LCE(Set 2), Suffix Array (n Log Log n), Kasai’s algorithm and Segment Tree The Longest Common Extension (LCE) problem considers a… Read More
Prerequisites: Minimax Algorithm in Game Theory, Evaluation Function in Game TheoryAlpha-Beta pruning is not actually a new algorithm, rather an optimization technique for minimax algorithm.… Read More
I would like to share American Express interview experience for RISK department OFF campus. 1st Round : I got short-listed From National level coding competition… Read More
The Maximum Sum Increasing Subsequence problem is to find the maximum sum subsequence of a given sequence such that all elements of the subsequence are… Read More
Informatica recently visited our campus for Full Time hiring. Here is my experience. The eligibility criterion was a CGPA of >= 6.5 and the stream… Read More
Round 1 Online test on HackerRank contains 3 sections Section 1: 2 Coding Questions (20 & 40 Marks) in 50 minutes Section 2: 10 Computer… Read More
I would like to share my Amazon Interview Experience (for Internship) with your audience. 1st Round (Online Coding Round): It was 90 min test on… Read More
Some of the list methods are mentioned in set 1 below List Methods in Python | Set 1 (in, not in, len(), min(), max()…) More… Read More
We have discussed flattening of a multi-level linked list where nodes have two pointers down and next. In the previous post, we flattened the linked… Read More
List basics have been covered in python in the set belowData Types-List, Tuples and Iterations List methods are discussed in this articles.1. “in” operator :-… Read More
Round 1 : (Duration:1 hr) Written test consisting of MCQs in aptitude, data structures and analytical thinking. 3 coding questions were also asked of us,… Read More
Given a N X N binary matrix, find the size of the largest ‘+’ formed by all 1s.Example:   For above matrix, largest ‘+’ would be… Read More
Round 1: (online in hackerrank) 20 MCQ questions based on outputs, OS, DBMS. 1. Print all possible words from phone digits 2. Given a matrix… Read More
I recently go interviewed for MakeMyTrip Developer position. I had 5 rounds: Round 1: 1) Reverse a Linked List – You should be able to… Read More
Given a binary tree, print nodes of extreme corners of each level but in alternate order.Example:   For above tree, the output can be1 2 7… Read More