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internet vs Internet

The term “internet” and “Internet” might seem to be a mistake in writing, but it is originally different in meaning also and refers to different concepts. In this article, we will look into what is the difference in the meaning of the terms “internet” and “Internet”.

What is Internet (uppercase “I”)?

The Internet is a much broader concept, the worldwide connection which is established using the TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite most of the time is referred to using this term. This worldwide global system is a collection of various small networks, whether it is a private network, or public network open to all, a network established by the government for military and government use, or can be a network of any university for research purposes.

Thus we can say that the World Wide Web which is popularly known as WWW is referred to as the Internet, providing a worldwide exchange of data and information and hence making communication easier.

What is internet (lowercase “i”)?

In computer networks, the term “internet” is a more general term that is used for understanding and analysis of networks and how it work, it refers to the collection of 2 or more devices that can have communicating facilities (not necessarily computers), which can be step-up even under the same roof, and most of the times is for practical purposes.

Hence, an “internet” can be a private network formed by the connection of several (more than 2) communicating devices a network connecting a few local networks, or a larger network connecting regional networks.


Difference Between internet and Internet in Computer Networks



First letter is capitalized and is in use.

First letter can be capitalized, generally not.

It typically refers to global system of interconnection.

It refers can refer to any network, not necessarily global.

Refers to WWW (World Wide Web), thus range is global. It is evolved form of the ARPANET.

Range is not specified, most of the times small.

It highly relies on the well know TCP/IP standard.

There is no such specified protocol, can use various protocols of small network.

Owned and maintained by internet standardization and regulating body.

Owned by the organization/person who has established.

Similarities Between internet and Internet

Both internet and Internet refer to the network of interconnected computers and other devices but the capitalization usually makes a difference between the worldwide network known as Internet. The term Internet is frequently used to refer to the wider idea of the internet, encompassing the services, protocols, and infrastructure that allow for international communication.

Computers, laptops, mobiles and other devices can connect and communicate with each another through the internet and Internet. Many communication channels, such as email, instant messaging, social networking, video conferencing, and Voice over Internet Protocol services are supported by both the internet and the Internet.


In summary, where internet is a more general term which signifies any interconnected network, Internet refers to a more specific global network that has become a crucial part of modern communication. World Wide Web (WWW) is used sometimes in place of Internet, which make the overall connection easier worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions on internet vs Internet – FAQs

What is difference between internet and intranet?

Internet is used to connect different networks of computers simultaneously whereas Intranet is owned by private firms.

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is a suite of communication protocols that define the standards for transmitting data over computer networks, including the internet. 

Why the Internet is important?

The internet allows people more affordable and efficient access to basic facility such as education, health care, and public safety etc.

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