C Program to Multiply two Floating Point Numbers

Given two floating numbers A and B. The task is to write a program to find the product of these two numbers.


Input: A = 2.12, B = 3.88
Output: 8.225600

Input: A = 3.78, B = 6.32
Output: 23.889601

In the below program to multiply two floating point numbers, the user is first asked to enter two floating numbers and the input is scanned using the scanf() function and stored in the variables and . Then, the variables and are multiplied using the arithmetic operator and the product is stored in the variable product.

Below is the C program to multiply two floating point numbers:





// C program to multiply two floating point numbers
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    float A, B, product = 0.0f;
    // Ask user to enter the two numbers
    printf("Enter two floating numbers A and B : \n");
    // Read two numbers from the user || A = 2.12, B = 3.88
    scanf("%f%f", &A, &B);
    // Calclulate the multiplication of A and B
    // using '*' operator
    product = A * B;
    // Print the product
    printf("Product of A and B is: %f", product);
    return 0;

Enter two floating numbers A and B : 2.12 3.88
Product of A and B is: 8.225600

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