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Gblog SDE SHEET – A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet? SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software… Read More
A concurrent system consists of 3 processes using a shared resource R in a non-preemptible and mutually exclusive manner. The processes have unique priorities in… Read More
Following floating point number format is given f is a fraction represented by a 6-bit mantissa (includes sign bit) in sign magnitude form e is… Read More
Canonical Form – In Boolean algebra,Boolean function can be expressed as Canonical Disjunctive Normal Form known as minterm and some are expressed as Canonical Conjunctive… Read More
Given an array of positive and negative numbers, arrange them such that all negative integers appear before all the positive integers in the array without… Read More
Let f = (w’+y)(x’+y)(w+x’+z)(w’+z)(x’+z) a). Express f as the minimal sum of products. Write only the answer. b). If the output line is stuck at… Read More
Following is a state table for some finite state machine. A). Find the equivalence partition on the states of the machine. B). Give the state… Read More
Character functions accept character inputs and can return either characters or number values as output. SQL provides a number of different character datatypes which includes… Read More
Consider the following program fragment in Pascal: Program Main; var X : integer; procedure A: var Y : integer; procedure B: var Z : integer;… Read More
It is often quite hard to distinguish between scope and linkage, and the roles they play. This article focuses on scope and linkage, and how… Read More
The main problem in Fixed partitioning is the size of a process has to be limited by the maximum size of the partition, which means… Read More
The language L, defined by the following grammar allows use of real or integer data in expressions and assignment statements. (assign-stmt):: = (LHS):= (E) (E)… Read More
A language L is a subset of Pascal with the following constructs: a). Expressions involving the operators ‘+’ and ‘<‘ only b). Assignment statements c).… Read More
Given that L is a language accepted by a finite state machine, show that LP and LR are also accepted by some finite state machines,… Read More
Construct a finite state machine with minimum number of states, accepting all strings over {a, b} such that the number of a‘s is divisible by… Read More
The company had a cutoff of 70% and was open for software and circuit branches. Total 45 people took the test Round 1: Round 1 comprised… Read More

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