JavaScript Math LN10 Property

The Math.LN10 is a property in JavaScript which is simply used to find the value of a natural log of 10. The natural log is of base e which is represented as ln. So, the natural log of 10 is represented as ln(10) whose value is approximately 2.302



Return Values: It simply returns the Value of the natural log of 2. The below example illustrates the Math LN10 property in JavaScript.

Example: Here simply the Value of a natural log of 2 i.e, Math.LN10 is shown as output.

Input : Math.LN10
Output : 2.302585092994046

Example: Below is an example of the Math.LN10 Property.

    // Here value of Math.LN10 is printed.



Example: The value of the natural log of 2 can be printed in the form of a function as shown below. 

    // function is being called.
    function get_Value_of_natural_log_of_10()
        return Math.LN10;
    // Calling Function.



Example: Here we consider Math.LN10 is a function but in actuality, it is a property which is why the error as output is being shown. 

    // Here we consider Math.LN10 as a
    // function but in actual it
    // is a property that is why error as
    // output is being shown.


Error: Math.LN10 is not a function

Note: Check the console for errors. 

We have a complete list of Javascript Math Objects methods, to check those please go through this Javascript Math Object Complete reference article.

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