Difference between Chatbot and Virtual Assistant

1. Chatbot :
Chatbot is a type of software that is programmed to interact with humans in such a way that it sounds like humans themselves. Chatbot is created using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. It identifies the meaning of the question asked by the user and collects data from the user that may be required to answer the question. Example:

E-commerce websites chatbot, Messaging apps chatbot etc. 

2. Virtual Assistant :
Virtual Assistant is just like a personal assistant but not available physically. It is a software that is used to assist the user by doing some daily tasks. Virtual assistant may be available in mobile phones, laptops, smart devices etc. Example:

Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc. 

Difference between Chatbot and Virtual Assistant :

Chatbot Virtual Assistant
Chatbot is a software that interacts with human and answer their questions. Virtual Assistant is a software that follows the command and does the daily task for user.
It helps human in interaction with websites and resolves the doubt. It does the daily task like setting alarms, making calls etc.
It is less advanced. It is more advanced.
The accuracy of chatbot is less. The accuracy of virtual assistant is more.
The efficient is also less for chatbot. While virtual assistant has high efficiency.
It only understands some specific terminology. While it has a wide range of functions and terminology.
It is less interactive. While it is more interactive as it used powerful NLP.
Here is more margin for errors. Here is less margin for errors.
Example: Messaging apps bots, E-commerce websites bots etc. Example: Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa etc.

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