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agetty command in Linux with Examples

agetty is a Linux version of getty. getty short for “get tty” is a Unix program running on a host computer that manages physical or virtual terminals to allow multi-user access. Linux provides virtual terminal(tty) which is similar to the regular Linux terminal. agetty command opens a virtual terminal(tty port), prompts for a login name and invokes the /bin/login command. 


agetty [options] port [baud_rate...] [term]



For more details about the options you can run the following command on the terminal: 

agetty --help


1) agetty -8 – linux 

2) agetty -8 -t 5 – linux 

3) agetty -h -t 60 tty 9600 vtxxx 

4) agetty -a -h -t 60 tty 9600 vt102 

5) agetty –version To display the version information. 

6) agetty -a -h -t 60 -U -s -m tty 9600 vt100 

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