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Top MCQs on InsertionSort Algorithm with Answers

Question 11

In a permutation a1.....an of n distinct integers, an inversion is a pair (ai, aj) such that i < j and ai > aj. What would be the worst-case time complexity of the Insertion Sort algorithm, if the inputs are restricted to permutations of 1.....n with at most n inversions?

  • Θ (n2)

  • Θ (n*log(n))

  • Θ (n1.5)

  • Θ (n)

Question 12

Which of the following sorting algorithms in its typical implementation gives best performance when applied on an array which is sorted or almost sorted (maximum 1 or two elements are misplaced).

  • Quick Sort

  • Heap Sort

  • Merge Sort

  • Insertion Sort

Question 13

Which sorting algorithm will take the least time when all elements of the input array are identical? Consider typical implementations of sorting algorithms.

  • Insertion Sort

  • Heap sort

  • Merge Sort

  • Selection sort

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