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Gblog Must Do Coding Questions for Product Based Companies
As the placement season is back, GeeksforGeeks is here to help you crack the interview. We have selected some most commonly asked and MUST DO… Read More
Consider a simplified time slotted MAC protocol, where each host always has data to send and transmits with probability p = 0.2 in every slot.… Read More
Consider a parity check code with three data bits and four parity check bits. Three of the code words are 0101011, 1001101 and 1110001. Which… Read More
A 20 Kbps satellite link has a propagation delay of 400 ms. The transmitter employs the “go back n ARQ” scheme with n set to… Read More
Consider a 10 Mbps token ring LAN with a ring latency of 400 µs. A host that needs to transmit seizes the token. Then it… Read More
In a sliding window ARQ scheme, the transmitter’s window size is N and the receiver’s window size is M. The minimum number of distinct sequence… Read More
Given a large number n and a prime p, how to efficiently compute n! % p?Examples :   Input: n = 5, p = 13 Output:… Read More
I was interviewed on-campus for Software Development Engineering (SDE1) role Flipkart. Coding round: (90 minutes) Coding round was done on hackerrank . Given two numbers… Read More
In a data link protocol, the frame delimiter flag is given by 0111. Assuming that bit stuffing is employed, the transmitter sends the data sequence… Read More
Consider a table T in a relational database with a key field K. A B-tree of order p is used as an access structure on… Read More
Consider two tables in a relational database with columns and rows as follows: Table: Student Roll_no Name Dept_id 1 ABC 1 2 DEF 1 3… Read More
Consider the following schedule S of transactions T1 and T2: T1 T2 Read(A)A = A – 10 Read (A)Temp = 0.2*A Write(A) Read(B) Write(A)Read(B) B… Read More
A table T1 in a relational database has the following rows and columns:  roll no.  marks  1  10  2  20  3  30  4  Null The… Read More
A relation Empdtl is defined with attributes empcode (unique), name, street, city, state and pincode. For any pincode, there is only one city and state.… Read More
A relational database contains two tables student and department in which student table has columns roll_no, name and dept_id and department table has columns dept_id… Read More
  In this post, we will discuss Important top 10 algorithms and data structures for competitive coding. Topics :  Graph algorithms Dynamic programming Searching and… Read More

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