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Top MCQs on Puzzles with Answers

Question 1

There are 25 horses among which you need to find out the fastest 3 horses. You can conduct race among at most 5 to find out their relative speed. At no point you can find out the actual speed of the horse in a race. Find out how many races are required to get the top 3 horses.

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

Question 2

A Lady (L) bought an item of Rs 100 from the Shopkeeper (C). She paid him with a 500 Rs Note. Realizing that he did not have a change, the shopkeeper C got change for that note from another shopkeeper (S) and paid Rs 400 to the Lady.

After a few days, S realized that the note is fake, And he railed at C and took 500 Rs back from him.

So in this whole process, how much money did C lose in the end?

  • 100

  • 400

  • 600

  • 500

Question 3

A car has 4 tyres and 1 spare tyre. Each tyre can travel a maximum distance of 20000 miles before wearing off. What is the maximum distance the car can travel before you are forced to buy a new tyre? You are allowed to change tyres (using the spare tyre) an unlimited number of times. 

  • 20000

  • 25000

  • 15000

  • 40000

Question 4

Your friend said, “If yesterday was tomorrow, today would be Friday.”
On which day did your friend make this statement ?

  • Sunday

  • Wednesday

  • Friday

  • Thursday

Question 5

There are two trains(Train A and Train B) running on the same track towards each other at a speed of 100 km/hr. They enter a tunnel 200 km long at the same time. As soon as they enter, a supersonic bee flying at a rate of 1000 km/hr also enters the tunnel from one side (say Train A side). The bee flies towards the other Train B and as soon as it reaches the train B, it turns back and flies back to the Train A. This way it keeps flying to and fro between the Trains A and B. The trains collide after a certain point of time leading to a massive explosion. The task is to find the total distance travelled by the bee until the collision occurred.

  • 100

  • 200

  • 1000

  • 500

Question 6

A farmer bought chickens for 4 unique clients on a selected day. Each customer buys half the amount of chicken left till his turn and half a chicken (i.e., if x chicken were left he buys x/2 + 1/2). The fourth customer buys a single chicken and after his turn, no chicken was left. Can you find the number of chickens the farmer bought on that day?

  • 15

  • 17

  • 14

  • 16

Question 7

Suppose there are four cards labeled with the letters A, B, C, and D and the numerals 3, 4, 5, and 6. It is known that every card has a letter on one side and a number on the other. The rule of the game is that a card with a vowel on it always has an even number on the other side. How many and which cards should be turned over to prove this rule to be true?

  • 1

  • 2

  • 4

  • 3

Question 8

There are 3 jars, namely, A, B, C. All of them are mislabeled. Following are the labels of each of the jars:

  • A: Candies
  • B: Sweets
  • C: Candies and Sweets (mixed in a random proportion)

You can put your hand in a jar and pick only one eatable at a time. Tell the minimum number of eatable(s) that has/have to be picked in order to label the jars correctly. Assume that the shape of the candies and sweets are identical and there is no way to differentiate them by touching alone.

  • 1

  • 3

  • 4

  • 2

Question 9

Given a 8×8 chessboard, figure out the maximum number of kings that can be placed on the chessboard so that no two kings attack each other, i.e., none of the kings is under check. A king can move only one step at a time any direction on the chessboard (horizontally, vertically and diagonally).

  • 32

  • 18

  • 8

  • 16

Question 10

Ram used to arrive at the railway station every day at 6 pm from work. As soon as Ram arrived at the station, his wife Sita too arrives at the station by car to pick him up. Both drive back home. One day Ram arrived at the station one hour early and thought of taking a walk back to home. He started walking when after covering a specific distance, he meets with Sita. Both drive back home and this time they reached 30 minutes earlier than the usual time. How long has Ram been walking?
It is known that Sita drove every day at a uniform speed.

  • 15

  • 30

  • 45

  • 60

There are 10 questions to complete.

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