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Gblog Master the Coding Interview – Contest Series Based On Real Interviews
“If you want to clear your next Coding Interview, practice as many programming questions as you can!” – An obvious advice that a guy who’s… Read More
What is Join? An SQL Join is used to combine data from two or more tables, based on a common field between them. For example,… Read More
What is Steiner Tree? Given a graph and a subset of vertices in the graph, a steiner tree spans though the given subset. The Steiner… Read More
Round 1: written Apti, C, C++, OS, DS Round 2: coding 2 questions, 30 mins 1. Serialize and deserialize a given n-ary tree.      Ans: solved… Read More
Fork system call is used for creating a new process, which is called child process, which runs concurrently with the process that makes the fork()… Read More
Which of the following is FALSE about SJF (Shortest Job First Scheduling)? S1: It causes minimum average waiting time S2: It can cause starvation (A)… Read More
Given an array of integers, find the nearest smaller number for every element such that the smaller element is on left side. Examples:  Input: arr[]… Read More
Recently, I was interviewed for Synopsys (R&D Engineer I). There were two telephonic rounds followed by 5 F2F rounds. 1st round(Phone Screen): 1 .Reverse a… Read More
Scheduling of processes/work is done to finish the work on time. Below are different time with respect to a process. Arrival Time: Time at which… Read More
  Program vs Process A process is a program in execution. For example, when we write a program in C or C++ and compile it, the… Read More
Although QuickSort works better in practice, the advantage of HeapSort worst case upper bound of O(nLogn). MergeSort also has upper bound as O(nLogn) and works… Read More
Given an almost sorted array where only two elements are swapped, how to sort the array efficiently?Examples : Input: arr[] = {10, 20, 60, 40,… Read More
Travel Triangle links customer and agents across the globe in he most friction less way where customer can customize his package and select competitive packages… Read More
Two tech rounds with HR discussion was done at Delhivery. Complete process took almost a week. Round 1: Ques 1: Brief about yourself. Ques 2:… Read More
Gone through Prop Tiger process for Java opening for Software Engineer. F2F round: Ques 1: Brief intro about Java projects. Pointed at some instances and… Read More
Snapdeal interview experience for Software Engineer position: Round 1: Simulation round Ques: Develop REST API for adding, fetching, updating and deleting a bookmark. Developed API… Read More