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Interview Preparation

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

A free course which contains frequently asked coding questions which will help you practice for interviews in top companies.

Course Overview

Do you have a job interview on your schedule or just failed an interview which you were very confident about? You just struck the right chord. Throughout this course, you will be taught how to strategize your coding interviews for the top product-based companies.

This course will help you to concentrate on the important topics required in the interviews which will save your time and also won't let your efforts go in vain. You will be given a mock placement test to analyze where you stand and plan your further preparation. To conclude: In this competitive world, everyone has the knowledge and the skills but this course helps you to be more efficient and well planned than the rest of the pack.
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Course Content

01Mathematics and Programming Puzzles
  • Mathematical Algorithms
  • Number Theory
  • Programming Questions on various Puzzles
  • Various Interview Questions on Mathematics and Puzzles
  • Basic Array Operations
  • Implementation of Array Operations
  • Array Rotation Algorithms
  • Subarray of Array
  • Various Interview Questions on Arrays
  • Basic String Operations
  • Useful String Algorithms
  • Various Interview Questions on String
  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search
  • Other Different Searching Algorithms
  • Various Interview Questions on Searching
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