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Data Science Training Program

Live Course
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Course Description

Unlock the world of data science with our Data Science Certification Training Program. Explore ML, Python, Advanced Analytics, NLP, LLMs, its application in modern AI, and much more in this comprehensive course

levelBeginner to Advancecourse duration3 Months

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Course Overview

Data Science stands as one of the most promising and sought-after professions in the 21st century. Its demand is skyrocketing due to a digital, programming-centric, and analytically driven field. AI-driven Data Science revolutionizes healthcare, finance, entertainment, and social media, enabling data-driven decisions and enhancing apps like ChatGPT, BERT, Midjourney, and DALL.E, making them smarter and more responsive.

Our Data Science Certification Training Program is designed to bridge the gap by equipping you with the understanding of Python, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Mathematics. We delve into the intricacies of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and their wide-ranging applications in the modern AI industry. Our program goes beyond the technical aspects. We understand the daily challenges and pain points faced by data scientists, and we'll guide you in developing practical solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • 3 months of Live Immersive Program
  • Live Doubt Sessions by Industry Experts
  • Master Python and its data manipulation libraries
  • Explore exploratory data analysis (EDA) and data visualization
  • Dive into statistical analysis and hypothesis testing
  • Implement supervised learning and unsupervised learning models
  • Work with classification and regression algorithms
  • Dive deeper into advanced machine-learning models
  • NLP and Deep Learning applications
  • How AI and LLM are revolutionizing the world
  • What is Prompt Engineering and ChatGPT


  • Performing Exploratory data analysis on Airbnb data.
  • Predict the income of an individual based on its social and financial attributes supervised learning
  • Market Basket Analysis unsupervised learning
  • Working on sentiment analysis for understanding natural language processing
  • Identifying hand written numbers from images - Computer Vision
  • Image and voice classification Deep learning model
    and many more

By enrolling in our program, you won't just gain knowledge; you'll gain insight into the real-world scenarios that data scientists navigate daily. Join us in mastering the art and science of data and AI, and empower yourself to thrive in this digital era.

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90 Days

What Sets Us Apart

Discord Community

Project-Based Learning

Limited Batch Strength

24 X 7 Doubt Support

Recognised Certification

Expert Mentors

Course Features
Discord Community

Dive into engaging discussions, share valuable insights, and connect with like-minded learners. Explore a treasure trove of meticulously crafted articles on various fascinating topics, all designed to enrich your learning journey. 

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What Sets Us Apart

Discord Community

Dive into engaging discussions, share valuable insights, and connect with like-minded learners. Explore a treasure trove of meticulously crafted articles on various

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on, practical exercises designed to enhance your learning experience and reinforce the concepts covered in the course. These projects serve as crucial componen

Limited Batch Strength

Experience personalized learning and focused attention with our limited batch strength of 55-60 candidates, ensuring optimal student-teacher interac

24 X 7 Doubt Support

A dedicated service provided with this course for free to help you overcome any doubt, at any time, and anywhere. So unlea

Recognised Certification

Boost your coding street cred! Excel in the tech landscape with our comprehensive course and prestigious certificates that

Expert Mentors

With a passion for teaching, our mentor(s) sessions will provide tailored guidance to all the aspiring coders. Launch a successful tech career with


Course Content

01Week 1: Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning

Day 1: Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Overview of Data Science
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Types of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Applications of Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Python programming language
  • Setting up Python environment
  • Running the first Python program

Day 2: Introduction to Python

  • Basic syntax and data types in Python
  • Working with variables and operators
  • Using built-in functions and libraries

Day 3: Data Manipulation with Python

  • Lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • User-defined functions
  • Functions such as map, filter, lambda

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02Week 2: Working on Data with Python

Day 1: Data Cleaning and Preprocessing with Pandas

  • Import and Exporting data
  • Handling missing data
  • Removing duplicates and dealing with Outliers
  • Cleaning and adjustments in data

Day 2: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with Pandas

  • Descriptive Statistics and data summarization
  • Grouping and Aggregating data
  • SQL-like operation in data

Day 3: Data Visualization with Matplotlib

  • Creating Basic Plots (line plots, scatter plots, histograms)
  • Customizing and Styling Visualizations
  • Creating Informative and Aesthetically Pleasing Visualizations
  • Pair plots, Heatmaps, and Advanced Plotting technique

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03Week 3: Data analysis using Python

Day 1: Knowing about the data

  • Types of analysis - univariate, Multivariate analysis
  • Creating Hypothesis of Project Approach
  • Introduction to Statistical tests and Hypothesis testing
  • Implementing Statistical tests in Python

Day 2: Final Project and Case Studies

  • Participants work on a real-world data analysis project
  • Applying learned Python skills to analyze and visualize data

Day 3: Data Preprocessing and Exploration

  • Feature Engineering / Selection

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04Week 4: Introduction to maths in data science

Day 1: Probability and Statistics

  • Basic Probability Concepts
  • Random Variables
  • Probability Distributions
  • Statistical Inference
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression Analysis

Day 2: Statistical Analysis with Python

  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals
  • Correlation and regression analysis
  • ANOVA and chi-square tests

Day 3: Statistical Analysis with Scipy

  • Introduction to statistical tests and hypothesis testing
  • Implementing statistical tests in Python
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