Zycus Software Developer Interview 2018

The process comprised of 3 rounds, Pen Paper General Aptitude Test, Coding Round, Technical Interview.

Round 1: Aptitude round was pretty easy.

Round 2: In the coding round there were two questions(Printing values of a 2D Array in a spiral manner & Text Processing), anyone had to be solved. The difficulty level was medium.

Round 3: In the technical interview I was asked to write a code which I thought was difficult, then after the interview mainly focused on data structures, I was asked to write codes for stack, queue, a linked list.

A few puzzles on stack, queue and linked list, I had to explain the logic to them first and if I was right they asked me to write a code for the same. The technical interview went on for more than an hour. After the technical round, I was told that I was selected and there will be no further rounds of interview. They conducted a separate HR round for some.

Questions/Puzzles: Code to display the contents of a linked list in reversed order, Code to create a queue using two stacks, create a stack using two queues, How to find whether a linked list has a loop.

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