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ZS Business Technology Solution Associate (BTA) Interview Experience | On-Campus Hiring

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2021

ZS came for campus hiring for Business Technology solution associate (BTA) profile. Coming to details about the profile requires SQL skills. I have read so many interview experiences from various websites all of them are saying ZS ask case study as their primary domain. But this time something very different happen. Coming to rounds.

  1. Aptitude Round: First round is exactly the same as where the online aptitude round is conducted on Talview platform (video proctored). 50 questions in 45 min.
  2. Technical Round: There is no case study round. The second round is a technical online interview conducted by Monjin Platform. The duration of the interview is 30 mins.
    • The interviewer asked me to write SQL queries (e.g. Joining queries) and basic theory questions (like what is the primary key, trim command in SQL), one puzzle also, some of my friends are asked to write a coding question  
  3. Final Round: After some days I got an email for the final round on the zoom platform. This round consists of all the parts. I thought that interviewer is going to ask me to guesstimate or case study approaches but nothing like that happens.
    • Firstly, my projects are discussed in detail, and he asked me some technical questions on the technologies on which I have built the project. Then he asked about my college society as I was a member.  
    • Then he came to the technical field and asked me few theory questions from SQL (like what is a foreign key) then gave me a query to find the second-highest marks in the student table.
    • Then he asked me one puzzle question which is
    • After that, he asks me some situation questions and basic HR questions.

    The duration of the interview is 30 mins.

    Now I am waiting for the result. You can also study guesstimates because maybe they can ask you. I hope it helps. 


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