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ZS Associates through Campus Beats 2022 Interview Experience for BTSA

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ZS Associates organized Campus Beats in March 2022. The Campus Beats challenge had 2 types of challenges:

  • Tech Challenge
  • Case Challenge

I appeared for the Tech Challenge in March 2022. The whole procedure was divided into 3 parts :

  • Technical Test
  • Technical Interview
  • EBI + FIT Interview

Technical Test(19-03-2022) Total time: 6 hours. Attempted by: 1 member of the team(can discuss with the team). A technical test was a task given to the whole team. I had a team of 5 members. This test was a bit simple. There were 7 questions in total.  2 were simple DSA questions, 2 were from simple frontend and 3 were a bit complicated SQL queries. front end questions were about giving shadow to text and placing text inside a view. SQL queries were asked involving 5+ tables and hence made a complicated set of questions.

Verdict: selected for the next round.

The results were declared in April and we were asked about our preferred roles before the interviews began. ZS offers 3 roles for recruitment:

  • Business Technology Solutions Associate(BTSA)
  • Business Operations Associate(BOA)
  • Decision Analytics Associate(DAA)
    I applied for the BTSA role. My interview dates came around 2 weeks before the interview day.

Technical Interview(19-05-2022): From this round, each team member was analyzed on their performances as individuals. It was a simple interview that went for 30 minutes comprising of questions from the profile, resume Human Resource(HR) and most focused of all, i.e. SQL.

  • Introduce yourselves.
  • Tell me something about ZS Associates.
  • Why do you want to join ZS Associates?
  • What is a trigger?
  • Define all types of indexing.
  • What is a view.
  • Difference between Truncate and delete.
  • How to create a table in SQL.
  • Give an example of candidate key in a table.
  • SQL query 1: two tables- Students and stipend(according to category), display the top 10 students having stipend ordered ascending according to their stipend.
  • SQL query 2: remove any redundancy from the Q10.
  • SQL query 3: Left Join and right join of 3 tables simultaneously.

Verdict: selected for the next round.

EBI + FIT Interview(02-06-2022): This round is particularly designed to check if the interviewee is fit for the company or not, i.e. is he compatible with the motto of the company or not? This round may comprise of Puzzles, Guesstimates, Brain Teasers, and questions related to the resume submitted. This interview is taken by a Principal Associate of the company.

  • Introduce yourselves.
  • Full form of ZS.
  • The motto of ZS.
  • Questions about Project.
  • How to handle a client if he wants to change the project when you are at the brim of the timeline decided for the project?
  • What do you do except study?
  • Guesstimate: Guess the total number of LITTIs cooked everyday in Patna.

Final Verdict: Selected for the BTSA role.

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Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2022
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