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ZS Associates Off-Campus Interview Experience 2020 | DAA Profile

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2020
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ZS Associates is a consulting and professional services firm focusing on consulting, software, and technology, headquartered in Evanston, Illinois that provides services for clients in private equity, healthcare, and technology. 

ZS has 3 offices in India namely New Delhi(Gurgaon), Pune and Banglore.

ZS often visits colleges across the country to hire freshers as well as experience professionals specially Engineers, MBA graduates etc.

I applied through their online careers portal and was fortunate enough to get the test link. (The chances of getting the test link through online portal is very less).

Online Round: The test comprised of MCQ’s based on Quantitative and Qualitative Ability, Mental Ability, Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension and the likes of questions asked in CAT. There were around 45 questions and the time allotted was around 90 mins. 

After almost 6 months, I received the response from ZS, that I have cleared the test and they wish to start with the Interview Process. It started with a Telephonic Interview.

Telephonic Interview:  Basic questions were asked in phone call. My experience, my motivation to join ZS, What do you know about ZS. Later, the interviewer asked me a Guessestimate question to which I was given 5 minutes to think and answer. Keep yourself ready with Guessestimates and puzzles, as they test your ability to solve a question quickly.

After the Telephonic Interview, I was asked to wait for the response from the Team and I was selected for the next round.

The next round was a Case Study Round. 

Case Study Round: You are given a case study of an imaginary firm/company. You need to study the case thoroughly and answer the questions that follow. This round tests your solving ability. It was not an easy case study. I was given 1 hour to study the case and was connected to an interviewer to present my answers. 

I was able to solve almost all the questions which were asked in the study. Then, the interviewer started asking me questions, related to puzzles. I am not able to recall the questions but I was asked 2 puzzles both of which were not at all easy. Then, I was asked another Guessestimate, for which I was to think of the approach and reach the solution while talking to the interviewer.

This round was quite an important round, because they asked back to back questions to check your mental state and solving ability by introducing a little stress environment. You just have to be calm and not lose your tempo. The interviewer are very gentle and keep helping you during the Interview.

I was shortlisted for next round.

Next Round: This round started with my introduction. I was asked to tell things that are not mentioned in my resume. Quite an interesting round out of all. Then, the interviewer started discussing my resume and asked me about my projects and experience. 

Post which, I was given a guessestimate to solve. (Again). 

I tried my best to follow the right approach and bring the best solution, to which I was appreciated as well. The interviewer was extremely helpful. 

After this, I was asked question related to core mathematics and given a puzzle to solve. This was again to test the level of problem solving.

I made through this round, and was shortlisted.

HR round: Question ranging from introduction to my weakness and my motivation to be a part of the team. This round I believe is the most important round as you are checked on the basis of company’s FIT prospects. You have to be honest and intelligent while you appear for this round.

After this, all the rounds were finished and I was told to wait for the response. 

I was offered the role of DAA in the company. 

Most important – Try to remain as calm as possible. You have everything to make it through. 

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