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ZS Associates Interview Experience for BTSA | On-Campus 2021

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Eligibility: 70% & above in std. 10th and 12th, 6.5+ CGPA

Phase 1(01-08-2021):

Aptitude Round: 50 MCQs, 45 Mins


  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • SQL
  • Quants
  • Logical
  • Verbal
  • English

Problem Solving Deep Dive:

  • 8 MCQs, 30 Mins
  • XYZ Company, Cost Factor Table, Logistics Related Tables.
  • Each MCQ had separate data and tables.
  • No calculations.

Video Interview:

  • Estimate the number of traffic signals in your city.
  • Do you like going to social gatherings? How would you influence people there, and when?

47 candidates were shortlisted from Phase 1, and the interviews were scheduled 15 days later after Phase 1 was conducted. In this 2 weeks span, 17 candidates got placed in other companies and finally, 30 (14 Boys, 16 Girls) were eligible to give Phase 2.

Phase 2(16-08-2021):

Case Study Round:

  • 60 mins. Read, Solve, Upload.
  • Report Generation. Discrepancy Detection. Benchmark identification.

Case Debrief Interview:

  • Talk about answers of case study.
  • Projects
  • Frontend Related Questions
  • Puzzles
  • ZS discussion

EBI + Fit Round:

  • Situational Questions.
  • Got into a difference of opinion.
  • Answered honestly and genuinely and from POV of it being an HR round.
  • Dragged 1 question for 15 mins and kept on explaining his POV and not taking into consideration my POV.
  • Interviewer apologized at the end of the interview for getting carried away and being a bit harsh.

Now, what happened was I was one of the first people who got done with all my interviews, and some of them were rescheduled to the next day owing to time constraints. My interviewer did not give my feedback to the Recruiting Person, and my verdict was kept pending for more than a week. In essence, from 16th Aug, 2021 to 30th Aug, 2021 (The day I’m writing this article) I have been kept waiting for my results. Whilst all the others were given their verdict. Meanwhile, during this waiting period I got placed in another company and as per my college policy, would have been allowed to accept the ZS offer only if it came on the same day as my other company’s result day. 

Lastly, 19 (7 Boys, 12 Girls) got placed at ZS, and I still don’t know if I am one of them. If you’re applying, make sure you have God-level patience. 


  1. Apply to ZS Associates if you have good communication skills & are interested in semi-technical roles.
  2. Make sure you are very good at SQL.
  3. Practice lots of puzzles and guesstimates (however I was not asked even one).
  4. Pray that you’re lucky.
  5. Connect with me on LinkedIn (Search ‘Param Shendekar KJSCE’) if you have any more doubts.
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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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