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ZS Associates Interview Experience for BTSA | On-Campus 2021

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ZS Associates came to our campus with 3 roles, for 6-month Internship + FTE Role:

  1. Business Technology Solutions Associate (BTSA)
  2. Business Operations Associate (BOA)
  3. Data Analytics Associate (DAA)

The following is the hiring process for the BTSA profile.

Phase-1: The first phase had 3 rounds. Each eliminatory. We were given a window of 12 hours within which we could attempt this phase, but all the rounds should be given back-to-back, in one sitting. 

Round 1(Aptitude): This round consisted of Data Interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability MCQ questions. Time Management is very crucial here because maximum elimination takes place in this round, so make sure to allocate a reasonable amount of time to each question.

Round 2(Problem-Solving Deep Dive): If cleared the aptitude round, you will proceed to this round where a case study will be presented to you, and MCQ questions will be asked. No option would be incorrect per se, but it would be essential to take into consideration all the important details that are mentioned in the case (eg: is the company client-oriented or not, is the company running on a budget at that time or not, etc) while choosing the correct answer. Sufficient time will be given in this phase.

Round 3(Video Interview): After clearing the PSDD round, you will be directed to the video interview round. Here, you will have to verbally answer the questions that will be shown on the screen. 10 seconds will be given to read the question after which your video will automatically start getting recorded for a time frame of 3 minutes. 2 questions were asked in this round. These questions will consist of guesstimates and behavioral questions

I was asked the following: 

  1. If you have a conflict with someone, how would you make them consider your point of view?
  2. How many tennis balls can fit in an airplane?

The result of round 1 will be provided within a week or two and the details for the next round will be provided as well.

Phase-2: This phase takes place during the entirety of the day. It consists of 2 rounds. Again, each being eliminatory.

Round 1(Case Debrief Interview): A meeting will be held with all the candidates where a case study will be explained thoroughly. A link will be shared where questions based on the case study will be present and you will have to write down the answers (SQL queries with reasoning and approach) on paper and create a PDF. You will then have to upload the said PDF. 

An interview will then take place where your approach towards the answers that you have submitted would be discussed. Questions based on your resume, SQL, DBMS, and puzzles will also be asked here. 

I was asked the following 2 puzzles:

  2. (Just the approach, no code)

Round 2(EBI+Fit Interview): If the Case Debrief Interview is cleared, you will receive a call from HR for the EBI+Fit interview, on the same day. (This may vary on the number of students to be interviewed) Resume-based discussion, puzzles, and behavioral questions were mostly asked in this final round. Some others were asked guesstimates as well.

I was asked the following 2 puzzles:

  1. (Same question, but all the different approaches were discussed in detail this time)
  2. (Had to derive the formula for this, no code)

Verdict: Selected 

Final Tips:

  • Practice a decent number of puzzles from GeeksforGeeks thoroughly.
  • The approach with which you answer questions matters a lot, be it for guesstimates, puzzles, or case studies, so be very vocal about your approach. Back it with reasoning.
  • Read various behavioral questions and case studies to get a good idea about them.
  • Be patient.

The interview panel is very understanding and will help you along the way, so be calm and answer with confidence. All the very best!


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Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2022
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