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ZS Associates Interview Experience for BTSA | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021

Eligibility:  70% & above in std. 10th and 12th, 6.5+ CGPA

Format Of Hiring:  Each and every Round was an Elimination Round. 

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Platform for Phase – 1: Talview

Phase – 1 

Test – 1(Aptitude Test):

MCQs: 50

Time Allotted: 45 Minutes

Topics Included :  

  • Basic Data Structures and Algorithms
  • DBMS and  SQL
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning


  • Practice Questions on India Bix or any other website
  • Use GFG (geek quizzes) for SQL, DBMS, and DSA Practice Questions
  • Only when you clear this round, you can proceed for 2nd round
  • 2nd  Round is in continuation only, which means once you clear 1st round, 2nd round will start immediately.

Test – 2(Problem Solving Deep Dive):

MCQs: 8-10

Time Allotted: 30 Minutes

Topics Included :  

  • Data Interpretation Questions
  • Small Calculations based on given data and graphs

Tips :

  • You need to be quick in doing calculations and reading questions as questions will be of Comprehension Type
  • Only when you clear this round, you can proceed to 3rd round
  • 3rd Round is in continuation only, which means once you clear 2nd round, 3rd round will start immediately.

Test – 3(Video Interview):

Format: Audio and Video Recording are on and we need to answer the question visible on the Screen.

Time Allotted: 3  Minutes for recording your answer

Sample Questions: 

  • What will you do in case 2 people in your team are not doing work on time and you are the team lead?
  • Predict the number of Footballs sold in India.

Phase – 2

Round -1(Case Study Round):


  • Given a Case Study make a report, identify discrepancies in the tables.

Sample :  

  • We need to identify whether the tables can be normalized further.
  • We also need to write SQL queries for report generation.
  • Lastly, what changes would you suggest if you were the owner of the given firm? ( Managerial Question )

Round -2 (Case Debriefing Round Interview):


  • My interview went on for 45 Minutes


  • In this round, the interviewer generally asks questions seeing the answers you have written for the Case Study.
  • Also, he asked questions from DBMS and SQL.
  • Some common puzzles and Project discussions also will be there.


  • Go through your resume.
  • Prepare your projects well.
  • Go through SQL joins and complex queries involving HAVING and GROUP BY clauses.
  • Go through Guesttimates and Puzzles from GFG

Final Interview Round


  • My interview went on for 35 Minutes 


  • In this round, the interviewer asked me to open MS-Excel and write SQL queries for given scenarios.
  • Also, he asked about Joins and some DBMS concepts.
  • I was asked the guesstimate of predicting the “Number of Trees in my City”.
  • He also asked me about my Past Internship Experiences and Projects.

Final Verdict: 14 Students were selected for the BTSA role and I was one of them.

Verdict: Selected 

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