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ZS Associates Interview Experience | (Business Technology Analyst – On Campus)

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Round 1:

The first round was an online test which consisted of Multiple Choice questions (Reasoning, Arithmetic aptitude, Data Interpretation and  Technical questions based on C, C++). From this round students were shortlisted for the Video interview round in which consisted of few technical questions and situational analysis questions.


Round 2:

There was a Case study round for all the shortlisted students which was for 30 minutes.The case study consisted of a complex problem of Database management. The data had to be analyzed and problems had to be solved based on the basis of your inference from the given data. Then one by one each one was asked the logic used behind the answer of the problems given in the case study. The interviewer looked on what approach we have used to solve the problem. He asked in detail about the projects and the domain I had experience in, which was Machine Learning and Data Analytics.Few questions about the internship were asked.

A Guesstimate was asked:

Find the total number of buses traveling from Pune to Mumbai in a day.The approach to solve the problem was checked rather than the answer, I told him the logic about the schedule of buses and various types of buses(government and private) traveling everyday and gave a approximate count.He was satisfied with it.

Round 3:

Third round was a Techno-HR round which consisted of both technical and HR based questions.The interviewer asked about my internships, strengths and what technology I have worked on. A lot on Machine Learning and Deep Learning was asked in the interview as I had my projects and internship in this domain. Data analysis questions and various situational questions were given to analyze.I was asked to explain neural networks from scratch and how they work in case of Face Recognition systems. He asked about flaws in it and I told about 4-5 solutions to it.

A coding question was asked  to sort elements of any data type given.I gave a solution using template function to which he was satisfied and asked about various test cases that may be present which might fail the code to work.A lot of  situational questions were asked like analyze the class of people staying in the area nearby your college giving approximate percentages.

Standard HR questions like why ZS, your strengths, in what situation u were helped by your teammates and in what situation you helped your group mates was asked.

Around 15 students were selected finally I was one of them.

The key is to stay Confident and answer each question with proper logical reason behind it.The approach used to solve the problem is seen and how you react to a particular situation is tested.

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Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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