ZS Associates for Software Engineer

Round 1:Coding round

It was an on campus inter placement of amity university. We all were given a coding question which was to be solved in 45 mins. Questions were related to strings manipulation like anagram, sorting of words, etc. I got an anagram question, it was mandatory to clear all the test cases which differ from question to question. Mine had 7 test cases.

I was able to successfully submit my question and i  with my 6 batchmates cleared that round from our university.Next round were to be held in amity noida, that includes technical interview, case study round and HR interview.

Round 2: Technical interview

There were around 120 students for this round, our resumes were taken and interview process started there were 4 interviewers taking interviews side by side. My interview was of 45 minutes. First question was how i scale myself in my technical knowledge, after that  they gave me coding questions they didn’t want a running program but were interested in logic, after discussing the question i was able to give the desired output.

Some basics were also asked like difference between dynamic and static polymorphism, some SQL queries, etc. At last i was given a question to design a ludo game. He wanted to  see my approach and methodologies to design that question. Interview ended and results were announced 19 students were selected and i was one of them. 3 students were from my university including me.

Round 3: Case Study Round

This round was scheduled for the next day. We were given a question paper that consisted of 3 question in which we had to give solutions for 2, it was not mandatory to give the perfect solution, even though if you had written wrong solution you could correct it during the interview of that round. There were questions related to dynamic programming and database design.

After 1 hr of solving the given problems, interview of that round started where i was asked about my solutions and discussion continued with further improving my given  questions. When this round ended  5 students were selected including me.

Round 4: HR interview

This round was on the same day and my conversation started with tell me about yourself, questions related to the interview process, about the last round, family members, etc.  I was unable to clear this round. 2 students were finally selected.

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