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ZS Associate Interview Experience ( BTA Role – On Campus )

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020

College Name – Jaypee University of Information Technology , Solan, HP

Branch – IT

Company Name – ZS Associate

Profile – Business Technology Analyst

ZS Associates came to our college in the month of September for the recruitment of three job profiles

1) Business Operations Associate

2) Decision Analytics Associate

3) Business Technology Analyst

I opted for the BTA role.

There were two Phases in the recruitment process of the company

Phase – 1

Round 1 ( Aptitude ) – This was a basic aptitude round consisting of 47 questions in around  40 minutes. There were some technical Questions also. Questions were on the topics

1) Quantitative Analysis                     2) Verbal Ability                          3) Data Interpretation 

4) Logical Reasoning                         5) Computer fundamentals            6) DBMS

Round 2 – This round included a small case study related to some business scenario where you were required to answer 8-10 MCQ questions based on that in around 30 Minutes.

Round 3 (Video Interview ) – This was a video interview round where you were supposed to record your answer for about 3 Mins each for 8 – 10 Questions. These were questions based on real life scenarios and experiences. 

Note – All Rounds were elimination round.

Phase – 2

Round 1 ( Case Study ) – In this round around 60 Minutes were given to solve a case study of a business scenario. It consisted for around 10 Questions and 5-7 datasets. You are required to submit your answers in this time only. Basically what they want from you is to take the correct approach towards the solution of the problem.

Round 2 ( Case Study Interview ) – This was a technical interview based on your case study and the interview will ask for your approaches towards each questions and grill you a little upon your answers. He asked me 2-3 Puzzles and Guesstimates also which were a bit tricky , but I was able to solve all of them. Check out GeeksforGeeks for different puzzles and Guesstimates. My interview went for around 1 hour.

Round 3 ( EBI + FIT ) – This was an Evidence based interview plus fitment round where they check that if you are suitable and fit for the company or not. In this an HR person will ask you things related to your resume, there may be some technical questions also and Puzzles and Guesstimates are added in this round also.

 Skills focused:

1) Analytical reasoning

2) Quant

3) Concepts of DBMS and SQL.

 My interview went for around 30 Minutes and I was able to give all the answers. 

Interviewers are friendly and they will also assist you at times but make sure to maintain your side of professionalism all along.

Later our results were declared on next day and I was selected for the role.

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