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ZoomRX Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual)

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ZoomRX came to our campus on last week of october 2021 for 2 roles: Software Development Engineer & Quality Assurance Engineer, in which I applied for SDE role. There were totally 3 rounds for SDE and 4 rounds for QAE. 


ROUND-1: This was on an online test with 4 Sections.

DURATION: 2 hours.

  • Section-1: 14MCQ’s on OS, DS, OOPS. (easy-7, medium-7) TIME: 18mins
  • Section-2: 5MCQ’s on Basic Aptitude . (easy-3, medium-2) TIME: 8mins
  • Section-3: Easy level coding question. TIME: 30mins
  • Section-4: Medium/hard level coding question. Question was something like: in the grid we have to do BFS and mark visited cells. TIME: 1hr 4mins

From 110 students, 11 students were shortlisted for the Technical interview. 


PPT: Preplacement talk about the company, how they work and the technologies they work on was discussed. After this technical interview was started.

ROUND-2(Technical Interview):

DURATION: 1 hour 40 mins.

  • The interview took place in google meet and we were shared the link. First of all I should tell about the interviewer. He was so friendly and was making me feel comfortable with him. He is the best interviewer I have seen in my placement and I didn’t feel like the interview was 1hr 40min. It just went so fast.
  • He first introduced himself and after that I gave my self intro. He told that we will discuss the resume later and shared a google docs link. Then he gave 4 topics: DS, DBMS, OOPS and OS and asked me to how familiar i am with these subjects. 
  • He started from DS. He asked about the data structures I know. Then asked the difference between array and linked list, where to use array and where to use linked list and some more questions on them. Then he asked about the time complexities and some algorithms. Name the searching algorithms you know. I told linear search and binary search. Asked where to use linear search and where to use binary search and their time complexities. Do you know searching algorithms other than this. After that he asked what are all the tree traversals you know.

Next he jumped to DBMS. He asked about normalisation. What are the normal forms you know, And then gave a table asked whether the table is in correct normal form, if not normalise it.

For example- Consider any set of data:

He told to write queries for the original table.  

  1. Return the students who have scored above 50 in any of the subjects without duplication.
  2. Return the student name and average of each students who have average mark of all subjects greater than 50

Then he told to write the same queries for the normalised table. After that he asked about transactions in DBMS and how does each transaction takes place,etc. What is ACID property and explain it and some more questions on it.

Then he continued with OOPS. Why do we need OOP and what are the uses of private and protected access specifiers. Then asked about polymorphism and types of polymorphism explain it. What is the use of inheritance. That’s all from OOPS.

Then he gave a question to solve. He told me explain how i would approach it and then code it.

You are given the size of a maze, coordinates of the robot, direction in which its facing and many commands.

Direction is either N,S,E or W i.e the 4 directions(north, south east and west).


  • Directional – L, R (L means turn left i.e if the robot’s direction is N and command is L then the direction will be changed to W. If it’s R and the direction is N then now direction will be E)
  • Movement – M (M means move 1 step in the direction its facing right now)

If the robot’s position: (0,0), direction: N, command: M then the robot must skip that command i.e if the command leads the robot out of the maze then skip that command. You have to return the final position of the robot after executing all the commands. 

After solving the problem he then came to resume and few questions from my projects. He then viewed my social media profiles like github, codeforces, leetcode, etc and talked about it. Then he asked about git and basics questions about git and github and the advantages of using git and some more questions on it.

Atlast he asked whether I had any questions and I asked him quite a few questions. Then my interview was over.

After 1.5 hrs I got a call saying I was shortlisted for the next round.

ROUND-3(HR/Behavioural Interview): DURATION: 30 mins.

  • First of all, this interviewer was also friendly. He asked what I know about the company. 
  • What are the tech teams in the company. Then he asked about myself and about family, occupations,etc. He then asked me to explain one of my projects. 
  • What are my strengths, what are my weakness, what conflicts i faced when i worked as a team and how i overcame it, what problems you faced during your projects. 
  • Then he asked if I told your friends to describe you in 3 adjectives how would they describe you. Then he asked me explain another project. How would you update yourself with the technologies you work on. He then asked me whether I am interested in pursuing higher studies. This was all the questions. Then he asked if I had any questions and I asked some.

Atlast 2 students were selected for the SDE role and I was one among them.


  • Be strong in programming and practice as much as problem as you can in GFG & leetcode.
  • Be strong in data structures and algorithms.
  • Regarding Core subjects prepare DBMS, OOPS, Networks and OS.
  • Just be confident in your interviews.
  • If the day is yours, then nobody can stop you.
  • Just be patient and do your work with consistency and hard work.
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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2021
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