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ZoomRx Interview Experience 2020
  • Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2020
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ZoomRx was open to all departments for the role – business/community associate. Initially, 423 students applied for the process.

Round 1 (Aptitude): For this round, we had to attend 50 MCQs questions based on simple aptitude (logical, quantitative, qualitative, reasoning ability) within a time limit of 12 minutes. Speed and accuracy are essential to crack this round as the questions are simple but available time is limited.

Round 2 (Group Discussion):18 students got selected for this round from the initial 423 applicants. 18 students were divided into 3 panels and each panel had individual topics to be discussed. For us, we were asked to discuss the factors that should be taken into consideration when designing an algorithm to map a rider with a driver in an Uber-like app.

Round 3 (Problem Solving Assessment Interview): 7 students got selected for this round. This was a F2F interview where we were asked to solve the given problems and explain how we arrived at the solution. There were 3 questions in total – ratio-based quantitative problem, solving the linear equation for a given scenario and one logical reasoning were a scenario was given for which you have to analyze and provide your views and reasoning out for the same.

Round 4 (HR + Hypothetical Scenarios based Interview): 5 students got selected for this round. HR questions like – tell me about yourself, why do you want to join ZoomRx, where do you see yourself in 5 years, why do you want to work in the analytics domain were asked. After these questions, workplace scenarios were given, and I was asked about my approach to overcoming the situation.

After this round, 4 students were selected and given offers.

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