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ZoomCar Interview Experience

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I was contacted by an Zoomcar HR for the position of IoT based Development Role. There were total 4 rounds and they were based on Pure DS Algo.

Round 1: It was a Simple Introductory round. 

  • The interviewer was very friendly. He started with some basic OS question like what is deadlock, what is virtual memory. 
  • Then he asked me some basic OOP’S Concept like Polymorphism, Encapsulation. 
  • After that he moved on to the DS Algo part.
  • The question was “Find two elements which sum to a given target” ( I told him the HashMap approach and he was satisfied with my solution.

Round 2: It was a Pure DS Algo round, The interviewer was very friendly and he helped me a lot during the Interview.

  1. Find the subarray with maximum Product in the given array ( (Not able to solved it at that time)
  2. Find the Inorder Successor of the given node in the Binary Search Tree (

Round 3: This was the best interview I have ever given. Although I was not able to fully solve the problem but the interviewer was so friendly. He really helped me a lot during the interview. It was a tough DP question. I have never solved this type of question before. I started with the recursive approach. After I gradually moved towards the DP solution.

Given two jar with capacity A and B. You have infinite pool of water from where you can fill water in the jar. Now you can do 3 operation

  1. Transfer the water from Jar A to Jar B.
  2. Fill the water from the Pool to Jar A or Jar B. This is step is counted. 

Now you have target amount C. You have to adjust water in A and B such that the sum of water in Jar A and Jar B is equal to C and you have to do this in minimum number of step. Also you have to first check whether it is possible to achieve the task or not.

Round 4: This was somewhat easier than the previous round. The question was similar to Rotten Oranges (

It was a pretty easy question if you have done the Rotten Oranges question beforehand.

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 04 Jan, 2022
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