Zookr SDE Interview Experience

I had a chance to interview with Zookr.in through Linkedin by contacting their HR.
First they shared a problem statement on the lines of competitive programming and gave me two days for coming up with all kinds of possible solutions along with a report on best possible edge case solution.

Post the submission of the problem, they found out lot of errors in my edge case cut but they liked my approach and called me up for the F2F interview.

F2F round 1
1. My college projects in detail. (Here I was on the losing end)
2. Smallest subarray with sum greater than or equal to a given value. (I got struck in this)
3. Discussion on fork() method & threads.
4. Discussion on mysql and joins

F2F round 2
1. Difference between http and https. Some discussion about web servers
2. Asynchronous Task Queuing in detail (Third world problem for me 🙁 )
3. Puzzle – One bulb, 3 switches, minimum attempts to know the bulb’s switch.
4. N Queen Problem. Details understanding of Backtracking.

I was not selected but I enjoyed the interview experience with the Zookr.in Team. They predominantly focus on data structures and algorithms.

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