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  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2018 Interview Process was very good and intellectual. These guys focussed on both logic and programming skills. Seriously, I was a bit hesitant since this company has very bad product reviews but when I talked with the team, I realised that this is a part and parcel of every e-commerce and specially the kind of theirs. I had given interviews of Samsung, GoldMan Sachs and Amazon before I liked their concept and the vision of scale. What I like about their interview was their way of perception, they were judging people based on thoughts and not just bookish answer.Further, their offer for SDE 1 starts from 14 LPA

1st Round (Technical Round)

a) Heavy discussion on Sorting & Binary Search. They shared some practical use cases out of their stack which were very interesting for a beginner like me.
b) Design a garbage collector and deep discussion on the use case in mysql queries. This part was quite tough and they just expected me to be calm during this discussion.

2nd Round with CTO

Repetitive K-sums Problem ( This was tough but I was able to solve this problem with some inputs from their CTO.

Reverse a string word by word in place without using the swap function. The string is not-editable. This question was tricky as he kept building the question with constraints. But I really enjoyed it

3rd Round(Puzzles)

a) Only puzzles were there in this round. And all the puzzles could be found on net. Some were known to my friends who have interviewed for consulting companies.

I got the offer of 15 LPA but next day I got the offer from Amazon so I chose Amazon over but I would highly recommend this company zookr to my fellow coders.

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