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Zomentum Software Developer Interview Experience (On Campus)

  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2020

Round 1: Online Coding Round conducted on HackerEarth platform. The test was of 1hr 15min. It comprised of 8MCQ questions and 3 programming questions. MCQ questions were on Java and C++. Basic OOPs and algorithm questions (no negative marking).

The three programming questions were:

Question1: Given an integer n, denoting an n*n empty matrix. You are given K tasks, in each task you are given a cell(i,j) where cell(i,j) represents the ith row and jth column of the given matrix.

For each task, you have to place X in each cell of row I and each cell of column j. You are required to print empty cells after each task, in the matrix.


3 3
1 1
1 3
3 2
4 2 0

Question 2: Given, a string S of length n and only lowercase letters, you have to perform q queries, each having two spaced separate integers l and r. For each query, you have to print the number of substrings in string S that start and end with the same character.


6 4
1 1
2 5
3 6
1 6

Question 3: Another question based on performing queries in an array, which I don’t remember clearly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected for the further rounds.

Hope this information helps.

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