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Zoho Interview | Set 6 (On-Campus Drive)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2015
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Zoho visited our campus in the month of July.

First round: 15 apti and 15 c output questions. No negative marking and no multiple options. Believe me, this is the only way to avoid people coming into the next rounds based on luck.

Second round: 5 programming questions, they were easy

Q1. Given dates in day,month, year order sort them.

Q2. Given a string of integers find out all the possible words that can made out of it in continuous order. Eg: 11112

ans: AAAAB
AAAL etc.

Q3: Find whether a given number is magic number or not. It is something which gives same digits even after cubing it.

Q4: something related to rotating an array.

Q5: Given two numbers and an operation either + or – , perform the operation.
Now remove any zeros if present in the two numbers and perform an operation. See if the result obtained is same or not after removing zero’s in the original result.

Third round: 5 questions based on maze.

Q1: Given a matrix dimension find the shortest path between two points.

Q2: shortest path between two points and a monster is present. So we have to avoid the monster and take a shortest path or die.

Q3: print the maze step by step.

Q4: same as Q2 but trigger is present so we can take the trigger to shoot the monster anywhere in the maze.

Q5: this is the tricky part. There are many holes in between. we should avoid them and take the shortest path.

Fourth Round: Tech interview. Mostly who got selected to the interview got placed. Simple questions, puzzles, oops concepts, some general os and other computer science related questions.

Fifth round: Tech interview. Questions on projects,internship and again simple questions on oops, dbms etc.

HR round: This is just a formality.
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