Zoho Interview Preparation Process and Experience

Zoho is one of the best product based company in India with friendly environment. Many engineers are passionate toward coding nowadays. But many face lot of difficulty in cracking the interview. There are few tips i like to share based on my interview experience and past guidance from my college staff and seniors. There are three stage to crack the Zoho.  Learn, practice and fail. The success teach us to about us but failure teaches how we need to improve our-self. This is a cyclic process.
In Zoho Software Development role there are several few round as stated below:

  1. Written test
  2. Coding
  3. Coding related to oops
  4. HR Round

Written test:

The candidate must be strong in the syntax and how it work for the given input. The candidate must be very strong in the loop and conditional statement. The pointer concept plays a major role in the shortlisting the candidate. For example,





//Write C code here
void main()
 int a;
 if(a=0){printf("%d", a);



a. zoho                b.Error
c. 0                   d.no output 

Answer: Error because of break statement


The candidate will be given a simple problem statement to solve. The candidate can use any programming language like c, c++ and java to solve the particular problem statement. If the candidate solves the particular problem statement within the particular time slot he/she will get the next problem statement and the process continues for the day. If not the candidate has to leave the company.

Coding related to oops

The candidate must be strong in oops concept the candidate will be tested based on the logical thinking. The candidate must be strong in the logic and he/she must be in the situation to execute those programs without any errors.

HR Interview
The candidate’s attitude and the personality is checked and her/his programming ability. The HR round will be based on the candidate’s resume.

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