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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 9

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The interview took place for 3 days, consisting of 5 rounds. The procedure is as follows:

Round I: This round is a basic round as usual for any interview. It is an offline written test consisting of 40 questions i.e. 30questions related to c language and 10 on aptitude. The round was taken by around 600 students. Only 72 got selected for the next round

Round II & III: The next two rounds have a set of questions to be coded in c language.

Round II has 11 questions i.e. 1(a)-1(f), 2, 3(a), 3(b), 3(c), 3(d). I did my best to reach up to 3(b) and qualified for the third round. Out of 72, 22 selected for the next round.

Round III is yet another round of coding. It started at 9:30am and continued till 9:30pm with a break of 1 hour for lunch. The total number of questions are not known but I finished till 5th question when I got a call for my TR round.

Round IV: This round is a typical technical round wherein I’m interviewed about my project details, my coding skills as well as my web designing skills. The questions were on Java, C, HTML, CSS, basic PHP.

Round V: It’s a typical HR round where I’m asked to solve some logical puzzles. Some basic HR questions are asked along with few questions on Java.

Really, it was a tough interview as only 7 out 600 were hired.

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for providing with valuable information. I’m able to answer most of the questions. I recommend every interviewee to go through GeeksforGeeks before attempting any interview. Thank you Geeks!!


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Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2016
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